Scosche flipSYNC USB 2.0 Charge and Sync Cable for iPod & iPhone – Review


A few weeks ago I was in my office and realized that I needed to charge my iPhone but did not have a sync/charging cable. Turns out I had brought it home for some reason and never brought it back. Fortunately I have moved a number of my colleagues over to the iPhone so I simply walked across the hall and briefly borrowed my associate’s cable. That will never happen again since the Scosche flipSYNC I pre-ordered a while back came last week. Let’s take a look.


The flipSYNC is one of those simple ideas that Scosche is great about turning into a reality and about which I can once again say, “I wish I had thought of that!” It is a small piece of plastic with a loop for a key chain ring. Hidden inside the plastic is a USB to iPod dock connector cable.


To give you a sense of size… here it is next to an iPod shuffle.


The back of the flipSYNC instructs you to remove the curved part of the cable (the part with the dock connector) first. Only then will the USB side of the device be free to come out of the flipSYNC. It is a tight fit to get apart and an even tighter one to put back together. If you follow this order- curved part out first/ square part in first- it is easy enough to do however.


The result is the shortest iPod sync/charging cable you have ever seen. It is short and that makes connecting the device to a computer or a power source a bit of a challenge but it does work.


And since it simply and easily attaches to your key chain it means you will never be without an iPhone/iPod cable again.

At $20 the flipSYNC is a bit on the pricey side for what you get but then again, iPod accessories are often a bit on the pricey side and if it comes in handy just once it has pretty much paid for itself. Since I rely so heavily on my iDevices it is a fair insurance policy and I have no regrets about buying it.

The flipSYNC is available from Scosche for an MSRP of $19.99.

What I Like:

Small, easy to carry with you all the time on a key chain, does exactly what it says it does

What Needs Improvement:

Tight fit requires a bit of playing around the first time you go to close the cable up.

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5 Comments on "Scosche flipSYNC USB 2.0 Charge and Sync Cable for iPod & iPhone – Review"

  1. I bought a Scosche retractable cable for my iPhone, and I really, really liked it. Small, well-designed, and seemed *really* robust . . . until it simply stopped working a mere two weeks after I bought it. Probably just a fluke, of course, but it did give me the willies about Scosche products, I’m afraid. (I couldn’t return it because I bought it at the Phoenix Airport.)

  2. My wife bought me one of these things and it didn’t work straight out of the package. Absolute rubbish….
    So much for Scosche products.

    • Wow, sorry to hear that. I use mine constantly and have had zero issues!

    • I just had the same experience. Brand new, take it out of the box and the computer wouldn’t recognize my iPhone 3G. I also got a “Windows doesn’t recognize your device” bubble. Works fine with the Apple cable that came with the phone.

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