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November 19, 2013 • Gear Bits

The JawboneUP24 means No More Remembering to Sync

Photo 11 19 2013 09 04 35

UP Gen2 Left, UP24 Right

I love the way my JawBone UP tracks my steps and my sleep, reminds me to get moving and functions as my alarm clock. I HATED needing to plug it into my iPhone to sync data and, thankfully, my new Jawbone UP24 fixes that. The UP24 syncs wirelessly and offers real-time updates and notifications. All that for just $20 more!

Jawbone | JAMBOX Wireless Speakers | UP Wristband | Bluetooth Headsets

As Jawbone explains:

More than a band. More than an app. An integrated system built around you.

UP helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make smarter choices. The new app displays movement and sleep details from your UP24 or UP band and delivers insights, celebrates milestones, and challenges you to make each day better. Share accomplishments with friends by teaming up in the UP App.

While I do wish the UP had a screen so I could also use it was a watch, having tried numerous fitness bands I have always come back to the UP. I like the way it feels on my wrist, I like the fact that it is totally waterproof, and I like the fact that it doubles as my silent alarm clock. The move to wireless sync on the UP24 resolves my biggest complaint about the UP. And while you do lose about three days of use per charge (the UP gets up to ten days per charge while the UP24 gets just seven), I find it to be a worthwhile tradeoff.

I’ll be writing more about the experience using it but, for now, you can learn more here.




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