Review: Feuerwear Scott Laptop Bag, Each Has A Story To Tell

Feur is the German word for “fire.”  Being a firefighter I’m sure it’s not surprising that I often visit various firefighting related blogs & web sites. During a recent visit to one I stumbled upon a link the Feuerwear web site.

Feuerwear is a German company who takes out of service fire hose and turns it into bags, wallets and belts.  Since the hose they use to make their products was actually used in the field, each item they produce takes on its own individual look.  Fire hose often gets dragged through the elements and exposed to extreme heat and extreme cold.  Feuerwear throughly cleans each piece of hose they use but their items still retain a “one-of-a-kind” look and if they could talk they’d surely have some stories to tell.

Feuerwear was kind enough to send me two of their bags for review.  Their 13″ Scott Laptop Bag and their Jack Vertical Bag, which I thought would be perfect for the iPad.

Today we’ll first take a look at the Scott Laptop Bag (I’ll get to the iPad bag soon.)  Feuerwear describes it as an eco-friendly bag that’s suitable for all notebooks with screens up to 13″.

When it’s time to purchase your Feuerwear bag you’ll actually select the exact bag you’ll receive from the Feuerwear web site.  Remember, each bag is handmade from fire hose, so they’re all a bit different.  The Scott Laptop bag is currently available in 4 colors (white, brown, black and red) but they all look slightly different and Feuerwear numbers each bag they make and places them on their site for selection.

The bag I received for review is one of their black styles.  In this case the black color is actually the interior of the firehouse and the lighter accents, the stripes across the front, are taken from the exterior.

The back of the bag feels like ballistic nylon.  It offers a nice contrast to the other hose materials used in the construction of the bag.  It’s also padded which helps in both the protection of your laptop and in providing some comfort when then bag rests up against you.

The adjustable shoulder strap in made from recycled seat belts.  It is sewn to the sides of the bag but I do wish they’d made it removable.  However, it can be neatly tucked inside the bag when you’re not using it.

The inside of the bag features a removable, padded, laptop sleeve that measures 32.5×23.5×3-4.5 cm.  The fit of the sleeve with my 13″ Mac Book Pro was perfect.  The computer felt very secure inside.   There was little wiggle room left which means my computer won’t be jostled around when I transport it.

There’s also a zippered interior pocket along with 2 smaller compartments.  The smaller compartments work well for things you need quick access to.  My iPod Touch slid inside perfectly.  The zippered pocket is larger, and deeper and good for items you need to carry around and use when you get to your destination.

Sewn into the side of the bag is a key finder.  You can use it to keep your keys, ID card, or other items you don’t want to get lost inside the bag.

A large strip of Velcro secures the flap closed but it’s not really necessary.  The weight of the flap keeps it in the closed position naturally.

The back of the bag features a handle for times when you don’t wish to sling it over your shoulder.  I like the fact that they include this.  I don’t always carry my bag on my shoulder.  It’s nice that they chose to only use one handle too.  This way it stays at the rear, out of sight, there when you need it but not effecting the overall look of the bag.

I found the bag to be quite roomy.  Even with my 13″ Mac Book Pro safely tucked inside the rear sleeve I was still able to fit its power brick as well as a host of other items inside the bag and still had room to spare.  I love how the bag stands up perfectly.  The rigidness of the material allows it to remain upright all the time.  There’s nothing that bugs me more with a bag then when it constantly falls over from the weight of an item placed inside.

Each of these bags has its own story to tell.  You’ll notice the subtle nuances that make your bag unique.  The inside of the flap for example, on this bag, is made from what would have been the exterior of the fire hose.  I can see various marks and imperfections in the color that make me wonder, was this hose involved in a big blaze?  Was it part of a city crew or a rural one?  How old is it?  How many hours of service did it have?  Was the shoulder strap seatbelt used in engine or a ladder?  I could go on and on…..

Laptop bags are a dime a dozen.  There’s just far too many plain, black nylon bags for one man to take.  Dare to be different.  Be exciting.  The Feuerwear line of Scott bags is a refreshing change from the tired, old black nylon briefcase.  You might think that $158 is a lot for a laptop bag.  But I think this is a steal.  Remember, these bags are handmade and one-of-a-kind at that.  $158 is a small price to pay for a bag that brings so much.

Stay tuned for a review of the Jack Vertical Bag soon.

Feuerwear bags are available directly from the manufacturer’s website.

M.S.R.P. – €129.00 ($158 at time of review.)

What I like – Stylish, unique, eco-friendly, handmade, roomy.

What I don’t like – Shoulder strap not removable.



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