Hard Candy iPad Squish Skin – Review


I got a nice surprise in the mail recently. Hard Candy sent me their new iPad case- the Squish Skin-  for review. I don’t usually use like silicone skin but I wanted to give it a shot… let’s take a look.

From Hard Candy-

More protective than bubble wrap and way more fun, the Squish Skin delivers noticeably outstanding and unique protection for your iPad. The snug, form-fitting silicone stays feather light but resists impacts by utilizing air-filled chambers just below the surface of the case. Leave the Squish Skin on at all times for an extremely functional and protective layer that will satisfy even the most discerning gamers and professionals.


My Thoughts-

When I first saw the iPad Squish Skin I was rather unimpressed. It comes packaged in a clear, simply plastic bag. No documentation. No extras. On first look it looks just like any other silicon skin.

When it was on my iPad, however my thoughts on it changed entirely. Why? Because Hard candy has it right- the Squish Skin is… “More protective than bubble wrap and way more fun”.


When inside the Squish Skin the iPad is entirely protected save the screen and the key points that require access such as the dock connector and headphone jack. The Home button IS covered but fully usable.



• Form-fitting silicone provides precise fit and maximum protection
• Air-filled chambers deliver extraordinarily unique cushioning
• Full access to all audio outputs, Multi-touch display, and controls

When really changed my impression of the Squish Skin was the way the iPad feels in my hand when I hold it for reading.


The edges of the skin are at least double the thickness of the thinner portion along side the screen. And it is soft. Really soft. This makes it super easy to hold the device and keep a healthy grip on it. The fact that the thicker portion is on all four sides means you can hold the iPad in any manner you choose. The back also has slight grooves in which also helps you keep a grip on it.

The result is a great skin for times when you are casually using your iPad such as lounging on the couch or sitting on the deck. I’m not sure I would use it full time on my iPad but I CAN see myself using it a great deal when we are up at the lake this summer.

The iPad Squish Skin is available in Black, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Clear for an MSRP of $39.95. It can be ordered from Hard Candy directly from the site.

What I Like:

Soft case that is easy to hold and does a nice job protecting the iPad, all ports are fully accessible and the Home button, while covered, works as normal

What Needs Improvement:

No extras come with the Skin such as a stand, does not protect screen at all

Best Use-Case Scenario:

Casual use where you are holding the iPad for extended periods and want to keep a good grip on it.

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