Fun with magnetism: Nanodots


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Fun with magnetism: Nanodots Listen to this article

Fun with magnetism: Nanodots

Back when I was my son’s age, I was a science nut.  I loved learning all about our universe, electronics, magnetism and the world we live in.  My favorite catalog from then was Edmund Scientifics.  They had and still have science products and lots of toys similar to what Nano Magnetics Inc are announcing today in the form of Nanodots.

Fun with magnetism: Nanodots

Nanodots are little tiny magnetic spheres that you can build things out of.  It’s also been suggested when you stock them all together in a big ball that you can use them as a stress ball.  They will not come apart unless you purposefully pull them apart.

Nanodots come in a set of 231 spheres with 5 extra spheres leading to the nickname of Element 236.  They are available in black or silver for $34.99, original for$29.99 and gold for $39.99.

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