Aluratek Drops a Brick (For Your iPhone, That Is)

GearDiary Aluratek Drops a Brick (For Your iPhone, That Is)

When I think of a brick, I either think of the actual structural element from which buildings are constructed, or I think of any electronic device that seems unnecessarily large and cumbersome.  Now, Aluratek wants us to reimagine the word as an audio component.

Aluratek is releasing their latest product, the Brick Speaker Dock for iPhone/iPod this week.  Aluratek boasts that the Brick offers high-quality sound at an affordable price.  It will work with the iPod Touch, iPhone, and any iPod model with a click wheel.  As it includes a 3.5mm auxiliary input, the Brick can also be used with other mp3 players.  Apple devices will be charged when docked.  The Brick is available through Aluratek’s website and selected retailers, including Fry’s Electronics, for $149.

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