Preview: Southeast LinuxFest 2010

Preview: Southeast LinuxFest 2010

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Up until this year, I had only attended the Ohio LinuxFest being lucky enough to live in its host city of Columbus, Ohio.  The Ohio LinuxFest is an awesome community driven event that amazes me every year it’s run.  However, in 2010, I will be attending both the Ohio LinuxFest and the second year of the Southeast LinuxFest.  I am totally excited to see what the committee behind the show is planning for this coming weekend.

Southeast LinuxFest is in a new location this year in the Marriot at Renaissance Park in Spartanburg, SC.  The previous location at Clemson was not available so they had to find a new venue.

This year, the promo many Linux podcasts have been playing indicates that the show is bigger better and longer.  The show runs from June 11th through the 13th.  There’s going to be a Ubucon (Ubuntu Linux centric conference) as well as a Drupalcon(Drupal is an Open Source Web Content Management System) associated with the show.

There are also multiple parties.  The guys who brought us MST3k(Mystery Science Theater 3000) have started  a new gig called RiffTrax and they will be at the show as well as nerd core rapper Dual Core.  The parties are sure to be an awesome time for Linux geeks.

Of course there are tons of sessions with two being done by my friends.  Pat Davila, a co-host of the Linux Link Tech Show will be doing a presentation on MythTV which is an open source project for building your own digital video recorder.  Dann Washko who is also a co-host of the Linux Link Tech Show will be doing a presentation on Bootloaders common to Linux and BSD.  Of course there are many other great presentations that you just don’t want to miss.

Finally, there are 2 great keynote speakers lined up.  Opening keynote will be by Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon and it will be on the New Era Of Opportunistic Development On Ubuntu.  The closing keynote is by Red Hat’s Max Spevack and is on the subject of Community Catalysts.

Southeast LinuxFest is only in its second year and it looks like it’s going to be a great one! So come one, come all to Spartanburg, SC from June 11th-13th and have a grand time flocking with your fellow penguins!  If you look carefully, you may see me there!

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