Chrome Vega Utility Bag: Little Messenger Packs Big Punch


Chrome recently reached out to see if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their bags. The company, which was founded in Boulder Colorado 14 years ago, makes stylish bags (among other items such as shoes and apparel) that are not only meant to perform at a high level but look really good while doing so.

One look at the Chrome website, and I knew I wanted to review some of their stuff. The catalogue includes a wide range of bags, most of which are modeled after the “messenger” style, but they’ve got a few wild-cards too.

The company, which is now based out of San Francisco, was kind enough to send me two of their bags for review, the first of which we’ll take a look at today.

The Vega bag looked to be the perfect choice to tote the iPad around. It’s essentially a small-sized messenger bag that’s more on the narrow side. Chrome describes it as their “musette” bag and I think the description fits. Musette bags were popular during World War II. Soldiers would use them in place of back packs.

The Vega comes in six color combinations. Black/Black, Brown/Black, Grey/White, Navy/Red, Olive/Red and Red/White. I love that Chrome offers so many color options to choose from. Plain-Jane black bags have their place (inside offices maybe?) but they’re just not for me. I like the colorful options Chrome offers.

The dimensions of the bag are: 13.5″ tall x 13.5″ wide x 4″ deep at base.

Screen shot 2010-06-21 at 11.27.42 AM.png

I chose the Olive/Red design for my review bag. The moment I pulled it out of its plastic wrapping I knew it was something different. Unlike a messenger bag, which is often very wide, the Vega is tapered. Although its shape resembles a messenger bag the Vega fits much slimmer and is far easier to wear on one’s hip.

Chrome bags are made from 1,000 denier weatherproof Cordura outer shells.


The bag features a heavy-duty, fully adjustable, non-removable shoulder strap made from seatbelts. The strap is easily adjustable and includes a nickle plated tri-glide which is embroidered with the Chrome logo.


The backside of the bag has an easy to reach “drop-in” pocket. Perfect for storing magazines, newspapers, boarding passes and other items you need quick access to without having to open the bag.


For closure the Vega relies on a combination of both Velcro and clips. Double the security means the stuff inside your bag stays inside your bag.


The inside front of the bag features a plethora of pockets. The inside of the bag is lined with waterproof truck tarp. In addition to the roomy rear area you’ll find one zippered pocket, one-reach in, two smaller pockets plus a pen/pencil sized compartment.


The back compartment easily accommodates the iPad with or without a case and the iPad can be placed inside in either the portrait or landscape orientation.


What’s nice about the Vega is it’s large enough to hold more than just the iPad itself. The rear compartment is quite roomy and I found it received most of what I carry on a daily basis. The iPad and all of my various chargers/sync cables for example, as seen below.


What really excited me about the Vega was its ability to not only hold the iPad but also the iPad keyboard dock. The is the first bag that I’ve seen that’s been able to do so.


Even with a good amount of stuff packed inside the Vega maintains a pretty flat form which results in a comfortable fit when slinging it over your shoulder and resting it on your hip.


Not only does the Vega look and perform great but every bag Chrome makes comes with a lifetime guarantee. You read right, lifetime.

Chrome products carry a lifetime warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. This does not cover reasonable wear and tear or abuse. We will repair or replace, free of charge, any product covered under our warranty.

Priced at $80 the Vega seems to me to be the idea iPad/Accessory bag. I’ve tried a few iPad specific bags and found most of them to be just too small to pack anything more than just the iPad. The Vega has the room you’ll need to store not only your iPad but the other essential items you need throughout the day (chargers, Mp3 players, files, pens, etc.)  That’s what I need in a iPad bag.  If I’m going to transport just my iPad somewhere I don’t need a bag to do it.  A pouch style case is sufficient.  When I do take my iPad out and about I generally want to have “other” stuff along with it and the Vega takes care of housing everything I need to have along.  Made from durable materials and guaranteed for life Chrome the Vega is one bag worth taking a look at.

Chrome bags are 100% functional. They design their products with “use” in mind first and everything else second. It something doesn’t actually serve a purpose on one of their bags they simply won’t add it. This makes their bags very functional, easy to carry and perhaps more importantly makes getting to your gear simple as well.

Check out all of Chrome’s bags by visiting their website, and look for another Chrome bag review soon.

M.S.R.P.: $80

What I like: Good amount of color combos, roomy fit, plenty of pockets, durable.

What Needs Improvement: Shoulder strap not removable.

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