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November 19, 2012 • Reviews

Waterfield Slip Case for iPad mini Review

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My last few Kindles have been stored and carried in a Waterfield Slip Case for Amazon Kindle. It is simple protection that does exactly what I need and no more. (Read the review.) Now Waterfield has released a Slip Case that is perfectly sized for the new iPad mini. In fact it is perfectly sized twice; once for the iPad on its own and the other for the iPad when you are using a Smart Cover. Both are simple, protective and, if the well-loved but “looks brand new” Kindle Slip Case is any indication, will last and last. Here’s a look.

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From Waterfield:

Just Slip it in. Just slip your new iPad mini, iPad 4 or iPad 3 into the thin, protective Slip Case. Light internal padding with impact-resistant plastic keeps your toy safe and sound. The water-proof outer material helps add protection against spills and other accidental mishaps. Slide your iPad in and use the handy tab at the bottom to help you ease it back out when you need it. A choice of six vibrant colors makes your case easy to find amidst the detritus of your bag contents. Sleek, simple, protection. We’ve got you covered.

2012 11 17 07 20 24

The iPad Slip Case is lined with soft material that keeps your iPad scratch free. You can’t see the impact-resistant plastic that is embedded in one side but you can feel it and be secure in the knowledge that your iPad mini’s most vulnerable side is safe and secure.

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Slide the iPad inside, throw it in your bag and you are good to go. And when you need to use you iPad simply grab the iPad with one hand, grab the tab of material at the bottom with the other and… pull. The iPad slides right out and is ready for action.

2012 11 17 07 21 25

But while it is inside the Slip Case you can be confident your iPad mini is safe and secure.

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And if you have any questions about the durability of the Slip Case take a look at this. On the left is my Kindle Slip Case. It has traveled with me extensively and seen a good bit of use along the way. On the right is the brand new Slip Case for iPad mini. Can’t see a difference? Me either. THAT is how well the Slip Case holds up. (It also happens to be my experience with pretty much EVERY Waterfield product.) Learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: iPad mini Slip Case- $27; iPad mini (Smart Cover) Slip Case- $27

What I Like: Simple but significant protection; made from high-quality nice looking and feeling material; tab on the bottom it makes it easy to remove the iPad mini from it; protective layer for the iPad mini’s screen makes it a great choice for anyone who’s taking the candle on the go

What Needs Improvement: For my needs, nothing, this is the slipcase that I will likely be using when a case isn’t in the cards

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