Get Ready to Fly to Work with Your Jetpack!

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Get Ready to Fly to Work with Your Jetpack! Listen to this article

Before you head out to buy your next car, you might want to find out if your bank will float you a loan for your very own jetpack. Businessweek reported recently that Martin Aircraft has developed a viable jetpack that runs on premium gasoline! All we need is the FAA to clear commuters to use these instead of cars, and the roads will be far, far clearer.

Even more amazing, Martin Aircraft is hoping to sell the jetpacks for $86,000! Yes, that’s a completely insane price for a jetpack, but it makes them potentially marketable, instead of “so expensive they’re just a concept”. Being a child of the ’80s, I am still a little bitter that we’re five years away from the flying cars of “Back to the Future” and there’s still no sign of them, but my own personal jetpack would soothe that disappointment nicely.

While I don’t think we’ll be seeing the average person dropping in at the grocery store on a jetpack anytime soon, the low price could make these a boon to tourism sights. Imagine jetpacking your way across a forest, or over the ocean? Or instead of a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, why not a jetpack tour? The possibilities are endless!

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