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June 24, 2010 • Reviews

Gumdrop Moto Skin For iPhone 4 – Review


The iPhone 4 is out and despite the issues some are experiencing it is pretty amazing. The screen is gorgeous (so long as you avoided the ones with the yellowish issues), the speed is great, the battery life is impressive and the whole device just feels awesome in your hand. It is everything Apple promised it would be- with one glaring exception. Despite what Jobs said you WILL want to protect your new iPhone 4 with a case. The screen scratches, the glass shatters and that is just the initial reports. Yes, it is a great phone but in its own way it, like the 3G and 3GS before it, can be a bit delicate.

Fortunately for me I already had a case here when my iPhone 4 arrived. The Gumdrop Moto Skin was shipped to me a full week BEFORE the iPhone 4 was released and it is on mine right now. Let’s take a look…


From The Company-

Rugged Design, Solid Protection

Combining silicone shock absorption with ruggedly rough style, the Moto Case delivers where other iPhone 4 cases fall short. Inspired by motocross tire tread patterns, this form-fitting skin won’t weigh you down, but it has enough padding to shield against dirt and minor wipeouts.



Shock absorbing, form-fitting silicone skin

Access to all media controls

Motocross tread pattern for enhanced grip surface


My Take-

To be blunt – I wasn’t impressed with the case when it arrived. I’m not a fan of silicon cases in general and this motocross tread pattern isn’t really my thing. I put the case on my iPhone out of necessity. It was the only case I had and I was not about to let my new iPhone get scratched up… or worse. Having used the case since last night however I have to say… it has grown on me.

The case gives a good grip on the phone. This is a good thing since early reports suggest a drop of as little as one foot can shatter a naked iPhone 4. In addition, while the protection is impressive the case still leaves the ports and connection openings accessible. Finally, the case rises above the screen just enough to give it “lay on the table” protection but not so much that it is difficult to access the screen.

The Gumdrop Moto Skin has an MSRP of $29.95. For more information or to place an order visit the Gumdrop website here.

What I Like–

Protects the sides and back of the iPhone well, leave ports and openings accessible, “lay on the table” design, available NOW

What Needs Improvement–

Adds a fair bit of thickness to a sleek, gorgeous phone

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