Noreve San-Tropez Tradition 2108T: One Luxe Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case

We’ve looked at a number of cases for the iPhone 6 Plus, but few are as luxurious as the Noreve San-Tropez Tradition 2108T. Available in a variety of colors and styles, this iPhone 6 Plus case screams quality, while wrapping your Apple phablet in a cushioned layer of leather you will love.

Noreve San-Tropez Tradition 2108T: One Luxe Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case

With a price starting at just over $55, this luxury case isn’t even all that expensive.

The one-piece case is actually three distinct but connected pieces. The back portion is a snap-on shell that wraps the sides, back and corners in a protective layer of leather.

Noreve San-Tropez Tradition 2108T: One Luxe Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case

The front portion of the case functions has a leather screen protector that keeps the iPhone safe when not in use. A small slit at the top allows the speaker to play through the leather. A small bit of metal mesh keeps dust and other objects from getting into the ear piece when the cover is in place. The front of the cover has a small metal insert shaped into the Noreve logo that sits in the upper corner and adds some interest to the otherwise uninteresting cover.

Noreve San-Tropez Tradition 2108T: One Luxe Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case

The back portion of the case is only punctuated by the opening for the camera, microphone and flash.

Noreve San-Tropez Tradition 2108T: One Luxe Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case

The two pieces are held together by a small piece of leather that sits at the bottoms. It is narrow enough to allow the speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack to be exposed, and it has a small hole in the center that allows the Lightning connector to be accessed when the iPhone 6 Plus case is closed.

Video Review of the Noreve San-Tropez Tradition 2108T iPhone 6 Plus Case

This case offers a nice degree of protection. The leather adds a thickness that took some adjustment and the cover on the review sample has a softness that adds further thickness. Don’t get me wrong, the Noreve San-Tropez Tradition 2108T isn’t a bulky iPhone 6 Plus case but it also isn’t anywhere near being a minimalist case either. My issue with the case is the cover style. My father-in-law loves using an iPhone case with a screen protector that flips down rather than to the side. This is the style of case he has used since he first got an iPhone 5, and he has made it clear that he wants the same style when he upgrades to the iPhone 6. I, on the other hand, don’t like this design and find it annoying.

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If you are like my father-in-law, then you will love this leather case. And while my review sample is made from an elegant woven leather, you can also get this case in a simple, solid leather too. Check out all the styles and order yours here.

Source: Company Supplied Review Sample of the Noreve San-Tropez Tradition 2108T

What I Like: Beautiful leather; Not overly done; The review sample has a fine woven look and feel; Surprisingly well priced; Protects the screen

What Needs Improvement: Adds significant bulk to the the otherwise thin phone

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