Buy a Flying Car…for the Price of a Small House!

Buy a Flying Car...for the Price of a Small House!
(image courtesy CNN)

If the jetpack I told you about isn’t really your speed, what about a flying car? It’s called the Transition Roadable Aircraft, and it will run you around $194,000 (plus your pilot’s license!)

What’s amazing is that this isn’t really a traditional “flying car”, at least not in the DeLorean sense. Instead, it’s more like a plane that can fold up and drive home. Might be tough to use it in your everyday life, unless you have an extra-large driveway at home.

Supposedly, it’s going to be a fairly versatile plane-car (plar? clane?):

Going from plane to car “takes about the same amount of time as putting down your convertible top,” and the transition takes place from inside the cockpit. After landing, a cockpit-operated system folds up the wings, and the pilot can drive away.
Transition is designed for trips of up to about 450 miles and can travel about 100 miles per hour in the air and “highway speeds” on the ground of “65, 70, [miles per hour] — something like that,” Dietrich said.

Still, I have this very giddy reaction to hearing about flying cars and jetpacks. It’s like science fiction is finally coming true! That or the traffic on my evening commute is getting bad enough that flying is starting to look really good!

What’s on your list of science fiction items you can’t wait to see come true? And would you buy a convertible plane-car?

And remember…where we’re going we don’t need roads…


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