RadTech I-Sight Review: Let There Be Light


If you have significant other and you sleep in the same bed chances are it’s happened to you at least once. It’s nearing bedtime but one of you just isn’t ready to go to sleep yet. Do you like to read in bed? A lot of us do, it’s probably where I do most of my reading. But does your partner get frustrated when your bedtime reading because it means leaving lights on so you can see?

Enter the RadTech I-Sight. When I do early morning running in the winter/fall it’s sometimes still dark outside. What do I do to make sure not only I can see where I’m going but that others can see me as well? I use a headlamp. How about a headlamp for night-time reading? Or anytime it’s dark?


The I-Sight is a hands free, super-bright LED light that you wear over your ear, just like a Bluetooth headset. The device can be worn with or without glasses on either your left or right ear. It’s super bright and utilizes a parabolic reflector, which is a fancy way of saying it offers a uniform beam pattern and zero hot spots.


The I-Sight comes in two variations. A version for reading and other tasks where light is at a minimum and a night version which features a green LED. The night version is best for outdoor, night-time activities such as camping, fishing after dark etc where you want your surroundings to remain dark but still need to see.


Both units require 2 3V CR2032 coin cell batteries which come pre-installed but can be easily replaced by the user when they run out. The batteries are rated to last 36 hours depending on how often you use the I-Sight you shouldn’t have to replace the batteries very often. The LED bulb is rated to last for over 100,000 so it’ll never need changing.


Each I-Sight features an easily accessible on/off button that simply requires a press to activate. The units weight only 18 grams so once you’ve got one on you’ll forget it’s even there. The ear loop, which can be worn on either ear is rubber coated for comfort and also fits fine with hats, helmets and other headgear.


Both I-Sights provide a field of light that’s 25c cm at .05 m. What that means is it’s the perfect amount of illumination for tasks that are at arms reach like reading. The image below was shot in complete darkness using the I-Sight to read. As you’ll note the I-Sight does a great job of illuminating the text that’s right in front of you but little else, meaning it won’t disturb those around you. The photo shot below was taken in complete darkness with no flash.


The green light version allows you to see in the dark without disturbing the area around you. Perfect for those times when you need to rebait a hook and don’t want to scare the fish away. The photo shot below was taken in complete darkness with no flash.


Both units sell for only $12.95 which means you could easily afford to pick up both. Even if you keep them on hand for emergencies only the I-Sight is a nice tool to add to your household. And if you’re one of those late night readers with a cranky, tired spouse perhaps it might do a little good for your marriage too.

Check out both I-Sights on the RadTech web site by clicking here.

M.S.R.P.: $12.95

What I like: Two versions, very light and comfortable, long lasting, inexpensive.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing.

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  1. Josh R. Tai | July 13, 2010 at 4:11 pm |

    I’ve had one of these since last Christmas (different brand but essentially identical). I used it mainly for reading in the dark, and I noticed a strange thing; My neck started to really hurt after a week or so of use. I couldn’t figure out why at first, until I realized that having the light physically attached to the side of my head was changing the way I read. Instead of my eyes doing all the movement across a page, my head was “swiveling” back and forth to cast the brightest area of light onto the area I was trying to read.

    I guess it was just the unnatural head movement or something, but perhaps something to be aware of.

    (Oh and PS, thanks for adding in the Facebook connect)

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