Something New Coming from Evernote Tomorrow… You’ll Know What It is When We Do…

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I love Evernote. I live in Evernote. Evernote is killing me…

Evernote has been teasing about something new coming for some time. They have blog posts up about it, are running a contest about it, and have reached out directly about it. But try as I might (and I HAVE TRIED) I can’t get a clue about what they are about to unveil. The only thing I do know is that it must be something pretty major. How do I know that? Simple…

I’ve been following the company and using Evernote since the current iteration of the service was in beta. During that time they have rolled out numerous improvements, upgrades and new apps and technologies. Not once in the two years have they ramped up to an unveiling in this way. Combine that with Evernote just reaching a two-year milestone and it adds up to the fact that something big is coming tomorrow that will make Evernote even better.

Xavier over on GottaBeMobile notes that

Commenters on the Evernote blog are guessing that Evernote will release voice note transcription, task list management or new ways to organize notes.

As I mentioned, I have no idea what it’s specifically going to be, but I think it’s going to be something more significant than a couple of new features. From what I understand the company is putting a lot of effort into the events.

I tend to agree, although I do think voice note transcription would be a killer feature worthy of a significant event.

Anyhow, as I noted at the start of this post I have no clue what is coming tomorrow but rest assured we’ll be watching the even live and posting on it as soon as the word is out.

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5 Comments on "Something New Coming from Evernote Tomorrow… You’ll Know What It is When We Do…"

  1. I agree that this will be something major. I think at least one of the features will be finger-written input on the iPad. Being able to write notes was one of the original features of Evernote, when it was a Windows-tablet app. There have been hints that the feature will be returning. And there’s also Phil Libin’s tweet:

  2. Finger input would be nice but only if it comes with some sort of palm rejection as we have started to see in other iPad apps.

  3. RT @GearDiarySite: Something New Coming from Evernote Tomorrow… You’ll Know What It is When We Do…

  4. Something New Coming from Evernote Tomorrow… You’ll Know What It is When We Do…

  5. They stated that it would be something that changed the way you interacted with Evernote – so my guess would also be voice note transcription.

    However, I just wanted to comment on how brilliant this marketing campaign was – it has made me very curious, and I even work for a competitor !!!

    Of course, it better be great, with the amount of anticipation they’re building up 😉

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