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July 15, 2010 • How to Do It Yourself!

Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Antidisestablishmentarianism? Okay, so maybe you don’t use those words every day, but what about other words that you do? And they aren’t in your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) dictionary? Judie was running into this issue recently on her iPhone. For some strange reason, she frequently needs to type the word “Kev”, and the iPhone kept auto-correcting it to “KeV” (note the upper-case “V”). So what do you do? Buying a bumper won’t fix this problem!

Well, with the release of iOS 4, a little-known feature is available to allow you to add custom words to the iPhone dictionary. I was puzzled when Judie said she didn’t have a way to add a custom word, because it was an option for me on my iPod Touch running iOS 4. What was the difference? I had additional, international keyboards installed.

To summarize what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards
  2. Click the “Add New Keyboard…” button
  3. Pick a new keyboard, such as Chinese – Traditional (Pinyin)
  4. Go back to the Keyboard setting page and a new option appears for “Edit User Dictionary…”

(Note: not all keyboards will necessarily enable this feature. I know that most of the Chinese keyboards do.)

You now can add custom words to your dictionary and they’ll appear along with the built-in words!



via MacRumors forum

39 Responses to " Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary "

  1. Victor Solis says:

    A very cool tip to add custom words to the iPhone's dictionary:

  2. RT @GiantGizmoNews: iOS4 Tip: Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary

  3. Tip: voeg nu je eigen woordenlijst toe in IOS4. Zit enorm verstopt. Had nooit zelf kunnen vinden. #iphone

  4. iOS4 Tip: Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary from @iNewsApp

  5. Alex says:

    RT @geardiary: iOS4 Tip: Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary

  6. Glenn Ansley says:

    RT @Viper007Bond: RT @geardiary: iOS4 Tip: Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary

  7. Austin Zani says:

    @YaBoiD21 this site has instructions

  8. RT @GearDiarySite: iOS4 Tip: Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary

  9. Zo! says:

    @mynejas I do have the 4, but check this and see if it helps anyway…

  10. iOS4 Tip: Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary #imd #fb

  11. Rob says:

    Rob>Ron problem solved: thanks to @ScottieInTexas! New problem: unwanted globe button on keyboard:

  12. Tip of the day for iPhone: how to add words to iPhone dictionary!! Add your slang!

  13. Lee Isensee says:

    @michelehinojosa add another keyboard and then add a word to the dictionary.

  14. VentureTech says:

    Tired of hitting "X" or retyping on your iPhone?

  15. jessica says:

    @butchmama that's a terrible mix-up that should never happen again! quick fix?

  16. Nick Sewell says:

    Tired of your iPhone auto-correcting text messaging classics like 'Yo'? Add them to your phone's dictionary:

  17. Ben Thomas says:

    RT @geardiarysite: iOS4 Tip: Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary

  18. @Molly23 Try adding words to the dictionary – explained at (among other places)

  19. Anonymous says:

    Or you could use an Android phone that lets you change and add user-defined words while you’re typing them. Or change the keyboard you’re using. 

    • So you are suggesting spending potentially hundreds of dollars getting a new phone, locking yourself for up to 2 years into a contract, abandoning up to thousands of dollars of app and music and movie and TV investments … to solve a simple issue easily handled with a Tip?

  20. Atif Rizwan says:

    Not working for me 🙁 its still suggesting me some other words instead of the word added by me 🙁

    • Ccaws says:

      does not work on my phone either.. I think the point about the Android is really about the high cost to users of Apples walled garden/big brother policy. If Apple continue Android phones may become the run away better option.

  21. Ed Nelson says:

    I added words, but when I compose a text, it still suggests the incorrect word. (ie: I type in hell, and it auto-corrects to he’ll).

  22. Stevey1 says:

    It capitalised the v in KeV as its short for Kilo Electron Volts rather than a contraction of the name Kevin as far as an iPhone is concerned

  23. Toogood says:

    how bout you just add a shortcut that says kev = kev?

  24. I’ve tried every keyboard and I can’t get the edit user dictionary to appear! I have iPhone 4s

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