The WowWee Roboscooper Wants Wall-E’s Job

The WowWee Roboscooper Wants Wall-E's Job

Show me a person who could watch the Pixar movie Wall-E without getting a little bit misty, and I’ll show you a person with a heart of stone. The premise was that Earth, long inhabited by wasteful humans was eventually rendered unusable, and there was a mass exodus to a fleet of spaceships provided for by the Buy N Large corporation, which the company that had sold the products which helped contribute to all of the waste on Earth in the first place. Are you with me? So Buy N Large tells the Earthlings that they will only be on the spaceships for as long as it takes to clean the Earth, a task performed by these cute robots named Wall-Es, but instead of a few years, it becomes 700 years. And of course there is a love story and all the typical Pixar cuteness. But I digress.

WowWee‘s new Roboscooper isn’t Wall-E; it doesn’t look like Wall-E, it doesn’t operate quite like Wall-E did, and it isn’t built to last for 700 years … but it may survive some hard play by your favorite child. Roboscooper is WowWee’s new “fun, friendly robotic buddy who loves to pick up, dump and recycle! Have him carry or scoop your favorite things around the house. In Autonomous mode he’ll grab things he sees or use the remote controller to make him pick up lightweight objects! After a long day working, Roboscooper loves to whack things with his arms. With lots of funny comments, modes and full driving control, Roboscooper is always ready to have fun!”


  • Scoops objects up automatically when in autonomous mode, or when controlled by the included remote
  • Nimble.  Has six wheels allowing it easy traversal over most terrain
  • Multi-directional mobility
  • Funny phrases and sound effects
  • Sensors in his hands allow it to detect objects in front of it on the floor and pick them up, or knock them around
  • Obstacle avoidance.

According to the Robots Rule site, Roboscooper is expected to ship this August, 2010.

Roboscooper isn’t available for order yet, nor do we have an MSRP, but Wal-Mart and Amazon are showing on the WowWee site as future venues.

Update: Looks like Hammacher Schlemmer got it first! You can pre-order Roboscooper for $69.95 for delivery at the end of this month.

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