SKOOG and Sesame Workshop Partner for Screen-Free Interactive Play

SKOOG, a media-tech company with the mission to enrich children’s lives through creative and immersive play, has announced a global partnership with Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, to introduce a new interactive platform that merges tactile technology with the huge content library featuring Sesame Street characters.

SKOOG and Sesame Workshop Partner for Screen-Free Interactive Play

The platform will combine multi-sensory play with fun, interactive content, and meaningful learning experiences. While SKOOG was originally focused on helping children with disabilities express their creativity through music, SKOOG has also created a suite of hands-on technology devices that all children of all abilities can play with and enjoy. The SKOOG platform includes a parent-controlled app with “unique cube-like hardware that lets kids play and create without relying solely on a smartphone screen.”

The new platform will combine SKOOG technology with Sesame Workshop’s early childhood expertise and educational content to create a new hands-on – and screen-independent – way to play. By pressing soft, squeezable, interchangeable RFID buttons on their SKOOG Cube, little ones will be able to enjoy interactive songs, games, and stories featuring the voices of beloved Sesame Street characters.

As a parent myself, limiting screen time is something my wife and I strive to do, so seeing how SKOOG is combining technology with Sesame Workshop’s easily recognized and beloved characters means there’s going to be a LOT of time your and my child alike will experience educational content the “old school way” — hands-on. By pressing soft, squeezable RFID buttons on their SKOOG cube, your little one will enjoy interactive games, songs, and stories featuring the voices of their favorite Sesame Street characters.

“Children’s interactive play has never been as important as it is right now. In today’s complex digital world, we set out on a mission to help motivate and inspire children, leading the shift from passive consumption to active engagement—while enabling children of all abilities to play, engage, and consume safe and smart content independently,” said Gregg Stein, SKOOG Inc., CEO. “As huge Sesame Street fans, we’re thrilled to be collaborating with Sesame Workshop, a community of creators, educators, and unforgettable characters built on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Together, we have created a best-in-class physical and digital creative sandbox that will empower millions of children to experience the joy of infinitely expandable personal play patterns, enabled by stories and audio books, branching adventures, games, musical instruments, songs and so much more.”
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