Switch Easy Colors for iPhone 4 Review

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Switch Easy Colors for iPhone 4 Review

Silicone Cases are very popular.  Not only because they are generally in-expensive but because they also come in a ton of colors.  In addition they make a great “throw-away” case.  Everyone needs a “throw-away” case.  What’s a “throw-away” case you ask?  It’s a case that you always have on hand in case of emergency.  One that’s usually cheap and therefore one that you really don’t care all that much about.  Leave it in your gear bag or in your glove box.  If you find your self in need of a case for your iPhone 4 it’ll be there waiting.

Priced at $14.99 the Switch Easy Colors is the ideal “throw-away” case.  Grab 2, I did. They come in a ton of colors (9 to be exact) and each comes with the pre-requisite Switch Easy goody bag which includes a crystal clear screen shield, micro-fiber cleaning cloth, two dock port covers and two headset port covers.  All of that for under $15.  Deals like this don’t come along very often.

If you’re in need a of back up case or are just a fan of silicone style cases take a look at the Switch Easy colors, available here.

Watch the full video review from my YouTube channel below.

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