Apple’s Upcoming iTV “Changes Everything”? I Think Not


I love Apple’s products. I really do. And as more and more of my family and friends are making the move to Apple’s offerings they too are realizing how great they are. I was chatting with a good friend last night. He and his wife both swapped their Windows boxes for MacBook Pros in the last month. I asked if they could see going back to Windows and both immediately offered a “NO!” loud enough to wake their four kids.

Apple’s products are great! They are a pleasure to look at. They are a pleasure to use. BUT PLEASE, enough with the hyperbole that each and every Apple product “Changes Everything”. They don’t.

The latest to jump on the “This changes everything” bandwagon is Kevin Rose who offered a blog post entitled “Why Apple’s iTV Will Change Everything”.

His argument? iTV will make use of iOS TV apps for video, news and games. It will offer “ala carte” app stations for specific news outlets. It will offer picture and video sharing and turn the iPad into a “big badass remote control”. And, perhaps most importantly, at a rumored price of $99 it will be inexpensive enough that everyone and their grandmother will jump in quickly. (Assuming Apple doesn’t run into yet another production bottleneck!)

Kevin certainly knows the tech space better than me but he was wrong about the first iPhone (A sliding keyboard? No one’s even talking about that being a possibility anymore.) and he’s wrong here. Look, unlike Larry, when (if??) Apple releases this thing I’m in. (And I don’t believe him for a second when he claims he won’t get one.) It will be cool. It will be fun. But “Change Everything”?? I don’t think so.

Heck, even Apple isn’t getting the “This Changes Everything” rhetoric right these days.

Apple's Upcoming iTV "Changes Everything"? I Think Not

They used the line for the iPhone 4 and it just isn’t true. I love my iPhone 4. I love the form-factor, the speed, the fast app switching, the screen and the Face-Time functionality. And no, I’m not experiencing any death-grip issues. It is a GREAT PHONE! But it doesn’t CHANGE everything. An evolutionary step forward from the iPhone 3GS? Yup, a big one. But it didn’t “change everything”.

Apple's Upcoming iTV "Changes Everything"? I Think Not

The iPad, on the other hand, HAS changed everything. It has me rarely carrying my MacBook It has people like my father-in-law using a tablet computer and actually checking his email himself (FINALLY!). It has all but replaced my use of paper for books, papers and documents. The iPad has truly Changed Everything… or at least it has “changed computing”. The iPhone 4… nope. And iTV? I think it will be a huge hit but change everything? I don’t think so.

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  2. Absolutely spot on Dan! Amazingly I saw an article this morning about how so many people are looking to ‘cut the cord’ and move to non-Cable life … but end up back with cable because they simply can’t get the stuff they want to watch as easily as before, and they want ‘couch time’ to be leisure time, not hassles over figuring out how to get what content from where.

    So I guess if Apple manages to corral everything that all of the internet video sites have and make it easy to grab and go – and for less than Cable – it could be a success. But as it is, we see the publishers of music and video trying to squeeze Apple left and right and screw customers … so I hold little hope of THAT happening!

  3. Apple’s Upcoming iTV “Changes Everything”? I Think Not

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