Amazon Kindle Plays Rough

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Amazon Kindle Plays Rough Listen to this article

Looks like Amazon isn’t taking the iPad/Kindle rivalry lightly. In fact, they are actively playing it up in their latest commercial!

Let’s look at where Amazon really came out swinging:

•Showcasing how nice the Kindle is in daylight versus the iPad.

•Having the kindle user be a hot girl, while the iPad user was a fairly average guy.

•Implying the Kindle user was smarter and better with money-she knew her device worked well in the sun and was cheaper, while the iPad guy seemed clueless.

This is a far cry from those earlier surreal fantasy style Kindle ads, and I am curious to see if this is a one-off or a lead-up to a big Christmas marketing push! I do think ads like this effectively drive home Amazon’s selling points. eInk is better in sunlight, and the Kindle is far cheaper. Whether Kindle users are better looking is probably a matter of opinion though!

What’s your take on Amazon’s newest Kindle commercial? And if you’d like to see all the Kindle commercials for comparison, check out the Kindle Youtube channel.

Via TechCrunch

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