Which Automated Cat Litter Box Is Better, CatGenie or Litter-Robot?

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Which Automated Cat Litter Box Is Better, CatGenie or Litter-Robot?

I’ve reviewed both the Litter-Robot and the CatGenie, two automated Cat Litter Boxes here on Gear Diary, and I’ve had several years to test each extensively. On top of that, when I started using the CatGenie, and it became evident that it was going to work out for me, I gave the Litter-Robot to my friends Steven and June; they have been using it since early 2009. Since reviewing both, I’ve received questions about how the two stacked up to each other, but none covered as many issues as a recent letter from Danielle. With her permission, I am going to answer it here …

Dear Judie,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you directly.

I love the idea of an automated litter box – I’m going to get either the Litter Robot or CatGenie.

I will pay a fortune to get either as I live in Singapore (an Australian). The machines are both sold modified for other countries….you just lack
the support of customer service nearby. That’s a big concern.

I have read many reviews.

Some people love the CatGenie, whilst others are very bitter and say its a waste of time.

The more specific questions I have are

1) I know the Litter-Robot is bigger, but which actually seems bigger and bulkier?

2) Have you ever had to pull the CatGenie apart and unclog and if so, is it as gross as people say?

3) Do the plastic litter scatter about more than regular litter even with dome?

4) Would a large male Ragdoll fit in both?

5) Smells of both. Mixed reports here. I don’t have an exhaust in the laundry….does the poop really bake in the genie? Also do you use unscented or scented solution? which is the best smell wise?

Thank you so much for your time, and I really enjoy your detailed reviews.


Which Automated Cat Litter Box Is Better, CatGenie or Litter-Robot?

Danielle had many questions inside one question, so we’ll tackle one at a time …

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