Izozzi Cover Review: Turns iPad into Work of Art

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Izozzi Cover Review: Turns iPad into Work of Art

Last week I took a look at the izozzi artist inspired cases for the iPhone 4. These cases allow you to add a little bit of art to your iDevice by combining the work of an artists of your choosing with a protective case. This week we’ll examine their iPad offering. The iPad version of the company’s case is a clear snap on back cover styled case that features the same artist created work on the back. The case izozzi sent me features another work by Bill Carman. This one’s entitled “Redrover.”


The interior of the case is lined by the opposite side of the artwork. The smooth, white surface creates a soft barrier that’ll keep the back of your iPad protected from the plastic interior of the case.


The backside is where this case really shines. The art you selected when ordering is perfectly aligned inside the back of the case but remains protected by the clear, polycarbonate material. Imagine a “stick-on” type skin that’s already been installed into a clear shell.


To put the case on your iPad you simply snap it onto the back. It’s a very easy install and the izozzi cover doesn’t fit so tight so that it feels like you’re damaging your iPad when you place it on or remove it. At the same time it’s not so loose that you feel the iPad might fall out. ¬†Notice the four corners of the case. ¬†They’re raised slightly creating a small amount of “lay-in-the-table” protection for your device.


Once you’ve got the case on it still yields access to all of the iPad’s ports and buttons. The bottom features an open design so that you’ll be able to both charge and sync as well as hear 100% of the sound coming from the iPad’s speakers. I had no issues using the iPad in my Griffin A-Frame stand while this case was on either.


On the right side of the case you’ll find one large cutout for the volume rocker and orientation lock. Both the rocker and the orientation lock are easily accessed when needed.


And on the top of the case there is another large cutout for access to the sleep awake button, microphone and headset jack.


Just like the iPhone version and perhaps even more so, the izozzi iPad case is a great way to “skin” the back of your iPad but add just a little more protection that if you were to do so with one of the “stick-on” type skins.


I personally love the look of a “skinned” device. However, using a stick-on style skin leaves the iPad with little or no drop and impact protection. The izzozi iPad case is a great compromise. The clear frame allows for 100% of the artist’s work to show through. It’s thin and minimalistic so it won’t turn your iPad into something big and bulky yet it offers a good amount of drop and impact protection should you ever need it; hopefully you won’t.

izozzi has a lot of designs to choose from and you can view them all here.

MSRP: $54.95

What I like: Good variety of art to choose from, case doesn’t get in way of art

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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