PocketLabworks To Release iRiffPort Taking Mobile Guitar To The Next Level

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PocketLabworks To Release iRiffPort Taking Mobile Guitar To The Next Level

I have several iPhone/iPad to guitar interface hardware products.  All of them work well and allow players to use their IOS device to plug in a guitar and add effects.  The products are awesome for practice, but the sound quality probably is not good enough for recording or true performances.  PocketLabworks is planning on releasing some hardware designed to improve the audio quality while using an IOS device for the guitar.

About iRiffPortTM 24 bit Digital Audio Guitar Interface for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

PocketAmp and PocketGK work with several adaptors listed on our website. However, iRiffPort offers the best performance, as demonstrated at NAMM and MacWorld 2011. PocketLabworks developed the world’s first 24 bit Digital Audio Guitar iOS Interface for electric guitar, and electric bass guitar. The device is designed for the Apple Certified Made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad program, and includes the following features:

  • 24 bit, 44.1 kHz Digital Audio A/D and D/A ?
  • PATENTS PENDING technology
  • Recessed 30-pin Apple Dock connector fits through protective cases
  • Music Instrument Plug
  • Stereo Headphones Output
  • Stereo Audio Line Output
  • Low Noise Guitar Preamp
  • Works with PocketAmp, PocketGK, and many other amp sims, recording, and iOS music apps
  • Free from audio feedback and iOS device noise

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