Review: Hello Kitty Mimobot USB Flash Drives

Review: Hello Kitty Mimobot USB Flash Drives

I don’t normally go for USB flash drives that are shaped as pretty much anything.  I am just as happy with a Sandisk as I am with a Lexar or even a no-name brand flash drive.  Unless you have specific needs, they all pretty much work the same and the looks have been secondary to the amount of storage.  That was until I came along the cuteness of a flash drive that looked like a Hello Kitty character .  Mimoco sent me a 2 GBflash drive that looked like Badtz Maru, the little black penguin with pointy hair.

The one thing that annoyed me a little is the bulge of it’s shape can prevent it from being inserted into some USB ports.   One port on my netbook will be blocked if I am using this flash drive in one.  Also, ports that have tight access like my work desktop will also have a problem with this drive.

Review: Hello Kitty Mimobot USB Flash Drives

The drive has no software on it, but it does have themed wallpapers and icons for Mac or Windows laptops.  I was also able to convert one of the icon files on the drive to a image that I could use as a icon on my Ubuntu desktop.  Below is a pic of my desktop with a Badtz-Maru icon as well as wallpaper.  The wallpaper is a little girly for me, so I reset it back to a picture of Ohio Stadium since it IS football season! 😀

Review: Hello Kitty Mimobot USB Flash Drives

Is there a reason to buy this drive for anything other than looks?  No as it works just like any other flash drive I have.  Is there a reason to buy it if you love Hello Kitty and all her friends?  Yep!  In fact, if you buy more than one your desktop will just ooze cuteness.

The Hello Kitty Mimobot flash drive shaped like Badtz-Maru is $24.95 for the 2 GB version, $34.95 for 4 GB, $54.95 for 8 GB and $79.95 for 16 GB.  Prices for other Hello Kitty Mimobot X line are similar.  They can be purchased direct through Mimoco’s website or

What I liked: The cuteness of Badtz-Maru.  Also, since he’s a penguin he’s not all bad!

What I didn’t care for: I little pricey for the amount of storage, but if you are a Hello Kitty fan they are definitely for you!

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  1. erinlindsey524 | September 21, 2010 at 5:51 pm |

    I want one that looks like Keroppi! (the frog Hello Kitty character)

  2. Nice – cool @novell Tux's pictured next to Hello Kitty Mimobot USB Flash Drives on Gear Diary could almost be my desk

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