World’s Largest Gummy Bear … What is the Serving Size?


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World's Largest Gummy Bear ... What is the Serving Size? Listen to this article

World's Largest Gummy Bear ... What is the Serving Size?

Sometimes you never know what a friend from a forum is going to send you. A site named Vat19 has launched what they are calling the ‘Worlds Biggest Gummy Bear’ (WLGB) and are actually selling it online!

They also have a cool tagline – These are real. They are awesome. You can buy them.

Here is what they say:

The World’s Largest Gummy Bear is the lion of the candy world. There is no candy more magnificent or more powerful. This five-pound beast is the equivalent of 1,400 regular sized gummy bears and packs a whopping 12,600 calories.

Its monstrous size is only matched by its enormous taste. The World’s Largest Gummy Bear tastes just as delicious as its pint-sized counterpart.

Available in many flavors: blue raspberry, red cherry, green apple, orange, pineapple and astro. Hand-made in the USA.

They even provide a nice pictorial example of just how huge this thing is compared to standard gummy bears … 1400 of them, in fact!

World's Largest Gummy Bear ... What is the Serving Size?

Here are the technical specs:

* Dimensions: 9″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″
* Equivalent of 1400 regular-size gummy bears
* Weighs approximately 5 pounds
* 12,600 calories!
* Hand-made in the USA with domestic ingredients
* Gluten-free
* One year shelf life

So yeah, it has 12,600 calories … or about 6 days worth of calories for a normal person! They say there are 90 servings per gummy giant … and suggest storing it in some plastic wrap in a refrigerator to keep it fresh for a year.

World's Largest Gummy Bear ... What is the Serving Size?

And they warn about becoming too attached to your WLGB, including this dire warning:

Do not feed your WLGB regular-sized gummy bears. WLGBs are not cannibals!

Regardless of your intentions about buying a WLGB, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the site – there are cool videos, silly pictures and more. Of course, they make all sorts of other gummy bear products for you to enjoy!

Source: Vat19

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