Review: Speck PixelSleeve For iPad, Netbooks

Review: Speck PixelSleeve For iPad, Netbooks

Until very recently, I have not been mobile with my iPad.  I was able to get WiFi set up in my classroom last week and love being able to take my magic little device to use as a teaching aid.  I previously used a book style leather case that I liked, but was not comfortable in traveling with it in my bag.  It just did not seem like enough protection for the iPad.  Although I liked the ability to stand up my device with the other case, using it in an educational setting proved to be difficult.  I needed something that provided protection in my gear bag and was easy to take on and off.  The Speck PixelSleeve seemed to be the perfect solution.  Lets take a look at how it faired.

The PixelSleeve is a lightweight, padded neoprene sleeve that fits iPads or netbooks measuring up to 10 inches.  The textured exterior stretches to ensure a snug fit and provide maximum protection for your device.  The inside is lined with a fleece material that prevents scratching and will bring piece of mind while carrying an iPad.  A convenient low profile carry handle has been added to make the case ultra portable.  The checkpoint friendly design makes the PixelSleeve a perfect companion for travel when device safety is an issue.

Review: Speck PixelSleeve For iPad, Netbooks

The PixelSleeve has a zipper on the end requiring the iPad to be inserted in a landscape orientation.  I have come to actually prefer this placement of the zipper to similar cases who zip from the top.  It seems to keep the case more solid by opening on the side.  The zipper is smooth and designed to be covered with material when closed.  This is not only more attractive, but also prevents the zipper teeth from being damaged during use.  The small handle is non-intrusive and provides an easy method of carrying the case.  The top of the handle is the same pixel material as the rest of the case while the inside of the handle is the soft, fleece material.  Overall, the design is simple, yet attractive.

The same pixel styling found with many Speck cases is sported on the outside of the neoprene material.  I have several Speck products and have come to love the small square grid pixel design.  I am not sure if it is an illusion, but the design seems to make the case feel more plush and provide more protection.  My iPad fits fairly snug inside, but does not require the case to stretch much.  It is a nice, comfortable fit.

The inside of the case is a super soft, light gray fleece material.  The fleece provides scratch free protection while also adding to the padding and safety of the case.  I have a clear shield on my iPad and a snap case on the back, but still love how the inside is so soft.  Just inside the zipper is a clever safety feature.  A small neoprene lip is provided to help ensure your device does not fall out if the zipper is left open or while unzipping.  Again, a simple feature, but adds to the peace of mind that my device is safe.

Review: Speck PixelSleeve For iPad, Netbooks

As you can see, the PixelSleeve by Speck is a simple case solution for the iPad or netbook, but looks great and provides a lot of protection.  The design is great for those who want to carry their iPad, but keep it light and compact.  You can expect the same level of quality found in all Speck products in both design and aesthetics.  I plan on continuing to use my PixelSleeve as I tote my iPad from home to school everyday.

Review: Speck PixelSleeve For iPad, Netbooks

MSRP: $29.99  Speck website. Available in Black, Pink and Purple

What I like: Simple, stylish safe way to carry my iPad without adding extra bulk.

What could be improved: I would like a small pocket either inside or out to hold my headphones.

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