Because Being a Nag Isn’t Always a Bad Thing…

Because Being a Nag Isn't Always a Bad Thing...

Poor “Nag.” The word almost always has a negative connotation. Think about it: can you recall a recent conversation in which you’ve heard “nag” used as a verb and not had it mean something unpleasant? Well, Electric Pocket’s new iOS app might just cast “nag” in an entirely new light.

Just the other day, our friends over at Electric Pocket, makers of BugMe! and BookLover, sent us a note announcing their latest iPhone app, appropriately titled “Nag.” It’s a simple app that nags you at a time of your choosing. Seems simple enough, and it is. I downloaded the app, grabbed a magazine, and headed out into the backyard. Now, I knew I had no more than 25 minutes to read before I needed to pick up my daughter, so I figured it was a great way to check out Nag’s features.

I started the app, chose “25” from the simple, circular menu by first selecting the “+20” button then adding another five minutes by pressing the “+5” button, exited the app, and turned off the phone. Sure enough, 20 minutes later I was nagged by the app’s alarm. If you don’t turn off the alarm when it sounds, Nag will, uh, re-nag you every minute until you turn off the alarm or add more time to it.

Because Being a Nag Isn't Always a Bad Thing...

Nag’s options and settings are pretty straight-forward. You can choose among three different alarm sounds and can turn on or off the sound for the buttons on the main screen.

Nag is available for 99¢ in the iTunes App Store, here.

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  1. At the risk of sounding incredibly cheap… when I go to iTunes, Nag is not free… it is $.99.

  2. Jeff Frantz | October 5, 2010 at 1:34 pm |

    Again, thanks for noticing that, WebPastor. It was free at the time I downloaded it (I checked my iTunes account to verify), so the developer must have switched it to a paid app. Judie updated the price and I removed the references to it being free in the body of the post.

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