iPod Accessory Review: H2O Audio Capture Waterproof Case


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The last generation iPod nano was a rather impressive device. It was small, held a good amount of music, let you watch video AND it had a video camera built-in. No, it was anything but a high-definition camera, but, in a pinch, it did get the job of capturing memories done. Sadly, Apple discontinued the design after just a year and replaced it with an awesome, but stripped-down, smaller version with a touchscreen.

Still, there are lots of the iPod nano video out there and you can pick a refurbished one up on Apple’s site for a nice discount. If you do have one, or choose to pick one up, H2O Audio has a great accessory for you. The H2O Audio Capture Waterproof Case lets you wrap your nano in a protective shell while still allowing you to control almost all of the device’s functions. It works… even under water.

Let’s take a quick look.


From H2O Audio:

The H2O Audio Capture Waterproof Case allows you to utilize all of your favorite iPod nano (5th Gen) features including music playback and video recording, in, around, and underwater.


Designed for iPod nano with Video (5th Gen)

100% Waterproof: Submersible to 12ft/3.6m underwater

Underwater Video Recording: Shoot video from the action, not the waterline, using the Capture’s polished polycarbonate lens

Ultimate Portability: H2O Audio’s patented waterproof technology allows you to take your music with you in any environment

Convenient Controls: H2O Audio’s patented Commander™ scroll wheel technology provides full control of the iPod click wheel even while wearing a glove

Engineered to Last: Durable polycarbonate construction protects against drops, impacts and scratches

Includes Sport Armband and Removable Reversible Belt Clip

Some Thoughts:


The H2O Audio Capture Waterproof Case for 5th Generation iPod nano is an impressive device in its own right. It is made from thick, clear plastic and all the hinges, controls etc are heavy duty.


As you can see, the hinge is serious business. It needs to be since this case is intended to protect the nano in up to 12′ of water.


To ensure the case does not open and ruin the iPod there is a lock on the hinge. Once slid into the locked position the case is not opening up until you consciously want it open. Even then it can be difficult to open the hinge since it takes a good bit of force. Don’t get me wrong… that’s a good thing. It is just that I felt like a moron until I actually read the instructions and figured out how to get it unlocked.


As you can see, there is some serious hardware inside the case. Up close it looks like overkill but here’s the thing… it actually works. It lets you control the iPod through a thick layer of plastic. It is actually a rather impressive bit of engineering.


It does take some serious pressure on the outside of the case to get the scroll wheel to work but once you get the hang of it you can change songs, adjust volume and do everything else that you would normally do via the scroll wheel.


On the back of the case is a heavy-duty clip that can be attached to a belt.


The clip can also be attached to the included armband. Due to the weight and bulk of the case I’m not sure this is something you would use for running or other movement that requires a lot of movement but it is a good way to carry the device hands free.

I don’t have a nano so I borrowed my friend’s son’s. I didn’t actually try the case in the water… after all it is Ben’s nano not mine… but Ben did.

In all, the H2O Audio Capture Waterproof Case for iPod nano does exactly what it promises. It protects your nano in up to 12′ of water while still allowing you to control almost every function of the device. It even allows you to shoot video under water. In fact, that is probably the most interesting aspect of the case. Yes, it is a bit bulky and not inexpensive but if you have a last generation nano and like to use it near water, or you want to shoot underwater video and don’t want to buy an underwater camcorder, this lets you do just that.

The 5th generation nano is discontinued, but you can still buy the case on the H2O Audio site.


What I Like: Does what it says! Lets you control the nano while protected n the case; total protection from water and other substances that would otherwise destroy the nano; comes with an armband; let’s you shoot underwater video

What Needs Improvement: Heavy; bulky; not inexpensive; does not come with waterproof headphones

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