iPhone/iPad Accessory Review: Speck and Zazzle Team Up for 1-of-a-Kind Cases

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Inside this package is a one-of-a-kind iPhone 4 cases I have tried. It fits my iPhone perfectly, offers fantastic protection and… is completely and totally unique to me. It is a case that is an absolute please to use AND whenever I look at it it brings a smile to my face.

What’s so special about this case? Read on to find out.

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The case is the result of a joint-project between Speck, maker of some of our favorite device cases, and Zazzle, a company that makes an assortment of unique, self-designed products.

For all intents and purposes the case is a Speck Fitted case for iPhone 4. (I’ve been using a Speck Fabric for the current generation iPod touch and absolutely love the way it feels in my hand when I am using it.)

But from this viewing angle there is nothing unusual or unique about the case is there? Hmmm…

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The case comes in two pieces that fit together perfectly. You simply place the iPhone into the lower portion and then snap the faceplate over it. It goes on easily and, at least in my experience, doesn’t separate unless you consciously want it to.

Still nothing unusual or unique about the case though… Hmmm…

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It has a minimalist look and feel but still overs protection to every aspect of the device except the screen. It also offers just enough “lay on the table” protection.

But… Nothing out of the ordinary still…

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While in the case the dock connector etc are exposed and accessible. With this case you can even use some of the larger cables that don’t fit when using many of the current iPhone 4 cases.

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The Sleep/Awake button is easily accessed and the microphone and headset jack are left exposed but protected by virtue of being slightly recessed.

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The same goes for the mute toggle and the volume buttons. The are recessed enough to gain some protection but not so much that they are difficult to use.

In all this is a case that offers great protection. It is thoughtfully designed and works well.

BUT NOTHING THUS FAR is all that unique is it?

Nope… But this is…

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The back of the case offers one of my favorite images… The view of my lake and the dock my father-in-law and I built when sitting on the deck of our lake house.

Yes, this iPhone case lets me carry a bit of my summer vacation with me wherever I go… And that makes me smile.

Best of all, designing the case was simple and affordable thanks to Zazzle pairing up with Speck to create personalized cases.

Here’s a look at the process… A process that took all of five minutes.


If you visit the Zazzle site you will find that there are a huge number of different custom products you can create. Everything from coffee mugs to custom hoodies are available.

To create a case look under the “Create” tab and select “iPhone” from the drop down menu. There you can choose if you want to create a case for your iPhone 3G or 3GS or for an iPhone 4. I chose iPhone 4.


You can add images, text or both. It is all up to you.


In this case I decided to use one of the pictures I took this past July when Elana and I were at the lake for an extended period. (Two years ago there were so many trees you could no longer see the lake but it is amazing what you can do with a chainsaw these days.) 🙂


I uploaded the picture and then moved on to the next step.


The first time through i tried a different picture but I didn’t quite like the way it looked once it was cropped so I went with the picture from the deck.

I added, then removed, some text. It just made the whole thing a bit too “busy”.

I then rotated and cropped the image until I liked the way it “sat” on the back of the case. The great thing here is that until you actually buy the case you can swap images, play with cropping and do pretty much whatever you want until you find the design that is “just right” for you.


I was finally satisfied with the case. It showed just enough of the lake and had the dock front and center. It was “just right” so I placed the order.

And here is the MOST remarkable thing about the process. From the moment you order your custom case until it ships is usually just 24 hours! Seriously, a custom case can be on its way to you in a DAY!! Ain’t technology grand?


My custom case arrived. The fabric is a bit on the rough side and as a result the image is a bit “softer” than the original but it still looks great to me and isn’t that the goal of a custom product?

It is a great way to create a one-of-a-kind iPhone case for yourself or a loved one. (You could even give an “I Owe You” gift of one to someone for Christmas! I guarantee the recipient will LOVE it!)

And if the iPhone case isn’t enough for you you can eve make…


A custom iPad case. (I haven’t made this one yet but with the push of a button I could have it on the way to my house… Or someone else’s.

The Speck Fitted is $29.99 on Speck’s site and the Fitted for iPad is $49.99 so you are paying just a $10 premium for a fully customized case. NICE!

In all, the pairing of a Speck Fitted case for the iPhone and Zazzle’s ability to create custom products is nothing short of fantastic. The case itself is nice and the ability to customize it… Priceless.

You can design and order your own from Zazzle’s iPhone and iPad design page.

MSRP: iPhone $39.95 plus shipping/ iPad $49.95 plus shipping.

What I Like: The case itself offers great protection and full access to the iPhone’s controls; the ability to make exactly the case you want is fantastic; the price for a custom case is more than reasonable

What Needs Improvement: Absolutely nothing

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