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July 29, 2012 • Reviews

IPEVO Origami Folio for iPad Review

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I find myself going back and forth between using my iPad in its simplest state (screen and back protection via film but nothing else) and using a case. When I do use a case I tend to gravitate toward one of the more minimal cases. That’s fine except for the fact that it often means forgoing a built in-stand. Again, that’s not a huge issue since there are stands aplenty available, but with the IPEVO Origami Folio with Fold-out Stand for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2 you get the best of all worlds. Yes, this case offers simple, light protection AND a built-in stand. Better yet, thanks to a rather unusual design, the stand doesn’t add the slightest bit of weight.

Let’s take a look and then give the review sample away!

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Microfiber folio case uses a unique origami cover to double as a stand for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2

Just press and fold origami cover to support your device at a 20° or 70° viewing angle

Soft microfiber is moisture- and stain-resistant, yet provides sturdy protection for your device

Ultra-slim and lightweight; only 4mm thick!

Built-in magnet puts iPad into sleep mode when cover is on

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The case is rather interesting. A quick look at it leaves one with the impression that it is a simple, thin, light folio case. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. That stands in opposition to the case/stand options that have either a strap that folds back to create a stand or a tab into which you can fold the cover to create a decent angle for typing and viewing. The trick with this case, of course, is its design. The cover folds up in an origami-esque manner (hence the name) and creates a surprisingly useful stand. It works for both typing and viewing — although the typing angle is a bit steep for my taste — and, best of all, as soon as you pick up the iPad the folds release and the “stand” disappears.

At first I was none-too impressed with the feel of the case, a soft, brushed material but after using the case for a bit it did grow on me. Still not a fave, but it’s decent enough. The fact that the case offers good protection from scratches and a bit, but not too much, protection from bumps AND the cover converts into a stand and back again in under a second makes this case stand out in a crowded field.

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You can learn more and order yours here on the IPEVO website. And you can check the bottom of this post for a chance to win the review sample.

MSRP: $39

What I Like: Thin and light; Cover becomes the built-in stand; Nicely priced

What Needs Improvement: Don’t love the brushed feel of the case

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4 Responses to " IPEVO Origami Folio for iPad Review "

  1. Erin524 says:

    I’d like this case because my dad just gave me the extremely belated birthday present of an iPad 3. (my birthday was in May) So, now I need a cover.

    Literally, my dad just handed me a box about a half hour ago, and said “happy late birthday, now give me your iPad 2.” Guessing he had the ulterior motive of wanting an iPad of his own and figured he’d trade me.

  2. Eva Kiser says:

    This looks like a minimal case with great functionality.

  3. Kaleigh C says:

    Why do I want it…? Uh, it’s free, and from the looks of it, it’s pretty damn awesome.

  4. Elizabeth T says:

    This case looks cool and would be fun to use!

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