Spice Up Your New Year with Fyre TV’s FyreBoXXX

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Spice Up Your New Year with Fyre TV’s FyreBoXXX Listen to this article

Are you one of those people who orders adult movies when you stay in hotel rooms? Oh, don’t worry … I’m not here to judge you! But if adult entertainment is your thing, and you hate getting raised eyebrows from nosy hotel staff, then you might want to take a look at Fyre TV’s new FyreBoXXX.

Spice Up Your New Year with Fyre TV’s FyreBoXXX

When you hook the FyreBoXXX to your broadband connection and your television, you get access to over 20,000 adult movies from the “most popular adult studios in the industry.” Their search engine allows you to find “virtually any category, title, star, series or studio,” and “maximum customization options, libraries, and playlists provide ultimate flexibility.” You can choose from unlimited studio packages, or you can use the “pay as you play” service.

You can purchase the FyreBoXXX for $89.95 and incur no monthly fees, contract, or setup costs. You can then purchase “scenes” starting at $.95 each or titles starting at $4.95 each. The other option is subscribing to Fyre TV Monthly, which has no hardware or BoXXX cost, no hidden contract fees, and free rollover minutes — which sounds like a mobile phone, right? Those subscription plans are as follows: Monthly Rates-1 Month Plan: $24.95 per month, 3 Month Plan: $16.95 per month, 1 Year Plan: $9.95 per month.


Now obviously, the link I am about to give you is 100% NSFW, so don’t even think about opening it at the office. Consider yourself warned.

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