Nomad’s Leather Wallets Charge Your Phone While Carrying Your Cards

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to check out Nomad’s Horween Leather Collection Lightning Wallet for iPhones, and it has saved me on more than one occasion!


The Nomad Wallet for iPhone I received is one beautiful piece of leather that goes with virtually anything. Like my previous Leather Strap for my Apple Watch, it improves and gets better with time.


One of two models, the Nomad Leather wallet comes in a traditional folded wallet model, as well as one to simply carry your favorite cards. I opted for the bi-fold wallet as I tend to carry 3-6 cards, as well as cash at any given moment.

When I first got my hands on my Nomad bi-fold wallet, I was wondering if it would actually fit into my pocket since it’s without a doubt wider than my old-fashioned black leather wallet I picked up from a random kiosk in the mall. But that’s certainly not a bad thing, as the wallet’s brown leather feels way more sturdy in the hand, and looks twice as good while doing it. While Nomad suggests aging the wallet for two months to get the true look of worn leather but since it’s made from

While Nomad suggests aging the wallet for two months to get the true look of worn leather but since it’s made from Norween leather, it’s made to actually look better over time. It’s worth mentioning that Nomad’s attention to detail with the beeswaxed linen stitching won’t do like most wallets you’ll buy in the middle of the mall and thread after a month of taking in and out of your wallet.

Looking at the wallet head on, you can see that Nomad added a little bit of a humpback on the left-hand side which houses the 2,400mAh lithium-ion battery. I was actually pretty concerned because although it’s only there to give your standard iPhone 7 an extra boost of battery until you get from point A-to-B, the hump is pretty significant, and to some could be seen as unsightly. If you can get over the fact that one end of your wallet will be a bit heavier than the other, especially compared to a wallet that does not have any battery internals, you should be fine. Nomad includes a charging cable for the wallet that they suggest using before its first use.


While out at the bar one evening, I noticed that my Apple Watch was actually at 20%. While I didn’t necessarily need a charge on my phone, I rely on my watch to get my steps calculated, so I decided to charge my watch for a bit while in my pocket. At 2,400mAh is easily charged my watch up so when it was time for me to go home I could go to the gym and still get all of my workout logged, while still having enough of a charge to charge up my iPhone 7 Plus for a bit.


Outside of the ability to charge your devices, the wallet itself is a GREAT companion for those of you with an iPhone but still carry a bit of cash in their pockets. Being able to carry up to six cards, three on each side, I’ve stretched the limits a bit and even slid my Metro card in the slot right beside the 3.5-inch lightning cable. In terms of cash, the bi-fold is like any other bi-fold for carrying cash as I was able to carry 20 individual bills comfortably.


Overall the Nomad Leather wallet is a great wallet. If you tend to put your wallet in your back pocket, then you might be a bit concerned about sitting on it because it is pretty big and might not sit comfortably for some. As someone who keeps their wallet in the front, it’s still big, but way more comfortable to put in and out of your jean pocket.

The Slim wallet will set you back $119.99, and the Bi-Fold is $149.95; to check out Nomad’s Horween Leather collection, you should head over to Nomad today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Leather smells and looks great even after just a few weeks of using and aging

What Needs Improvement: the bulk on the back of the wallet can be a deterrent for some

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