IoSafe Has Got My Back; Do They Have Yours?


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IoSafe Has Got My Back; Do They Have Yours? Listen to this article


Freshly arrived back from CES, I found waiting for me an IoSafe 1TB fireproof, waterproof, and — as has been demonstrated multiple times by this site (and many others) — a virtually indestructible SoloPRO Desktop External Hard Drive.

I’m looking forward to setting up this beast and putting it to work protecting my data. Knowing that any files, pictures, movies and music stored on it will be kept safe — even if something unimaginable and catastrophic should happen to Kev’s and my home — gives me a peace of mind that is hard to describe.

Check out the IoSafe site, and read about their specifications and guarantees. I can think of no other company with such a fantastically protective hard drive; the fact that they have invited Gear Diary to watch the attempted assassination of one of their products two years in a row says a lot. The fact that they have also allowed us to try destroying their hard drives on our own (unsupervised and without restrictions regarding which torture tests we could perform) says even more.

That they offer a one-time no-questions asked data recovery service — a process that can sometimes run in the neighborhood of $3000 t0 $5000 — should help you understand why I feel that IoSafe has got my back, and why I think they should have yours, too.

The 1TB SoloPro is $249.99, and you can get a 2TB model for $419.99.

IoSafe SoloPRO

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