LynQ Is a Smart Compass and Tracker That Can Save Lives


LynQ Is a Smart Compass and Tracker That Can Save Lives

If you enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, or any other outdoor activity that can get you separated from your group, you’ll want to check out the new LynQ Indiegogo campaign. LynQ is a smart compass that “locates anyone without the need for phones, networks or infrastructure of any kind,” and it’s available for pre-order today.

LynQ has a compass-like display that allows you to see your relative distance from other members of your group who are also using LynQ. Rather than relying on phone service, an app, or a subscription service, you can use LynQ to keep groups of up to 12 people connected.

The weather-proof, clip-on device uses the company’s proprietary software to display each users’ distance and direction from each other in real-time and allows for tens of thousands of devices to work in the same vicinity – completely secure and without interference.

LynQ Is a Smart Compass and Tracker That Can Save Lives

LynQ is easy to set up, easy to use, and you can pair devices and enter names “with a simple one-button interface.” You can click the LynQ to switch between different members of your group; you’ll see their name along with an “arrow and number of feet that are visible under any conditions on a backlit and glare-protected screen.” You can set boundaries for your group which will give you sound, optical, and vibration alerts should someone in your group leave the safe zone. LynQ is a great way to keep up with kids, pets, or those with special needs.  You’ll also be able to communicate with each other using a selection of commonly used messages.

A simple user interface and setup act as the gateway to a state-of-the-art, military tested technology. A new way to leverage GPS, LoRa and a custom antenna, LynQ’s proprietary algorithms and communication protocols redefine the capabilities of peer-to-peer location. As a result, LynQ is the most accurate, reliable, long-distance and long-lasting device that can locate people anywhere in the world under open sky without phones, connectivity, infrastructure or even a map.

How can you use LynQ? They say that the ways are endless …

• Child safety – Parents can feel comfort in knowing exactly where their children are while allowing them the freedom to explore.

• Any off-the-grid activity – Adventure seekers, such as skiers, hikers, travelers or cyclists, no longer worry about phone signal, maps or phone battery life.

• Alzheimer’s/Elder care – Caretakers and family members can monitor their patients or loved ones that are at risk to wander.

• Special needs care – Wandering is a leading cause of death among Autistic children.

• Public events – From music festivals to sporting events, networks are often overloaded, eliminating cell signal while maps are useless in crowds and without landmarks.

• Disaster recovery and first responders – When locating people is a matter of life and death and infrastructure is destroyed, LynQ is able to save lives.

• Military applications – LynQ was selected to participate in U.S. and Thai government joint R&D exercises centered around the location of wounded and unconscious soldiers. A formal U.S. government cited a 61 percent reduction in response time locating wounded soldiers when using LynQ – literally the difference between life and death.

• Pets – Keeping tabs on pets during hikes or animals in open fields has never been simpler.

LynQ measures 4” long by 2” wide by 1″ thick, and weighs 2.6 ounces. LynQ has a range of up to three miles, and its battery can last up to three days on one charge. LynQ has been military-tested, and it “is designed to withstand any climate or situation with its weatherproof and waterproof durability.” Best of all, it can work anywhere in the world without phones, infrastructure, or a subscription.

LynQ Is a Smart Compass and Tracker That Can Save Lives

I love the idea of a device that doesn’t require anything extra — that can keep your loved ones and friends safe and updated. You can get your own LynQ by pre-ordering on Indiegogo; a super early bird 2-pack will start at $154.

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