VinniBag Review

VinniBag Review

I am not a wine connoisseur at all.  However, back in the day I was into drinking good beers.  I remember one trip where I visited a Rock Bottom Brewery restaurant where I had some of the best beer I have ever tasted.  They had beer that I could have taken home in bottles, but because I flew into Denver and was flying out the next day, I could not take any home with me.  If I had the VinniBag it would have been a piece of cake!

VinniBag Review

VinniBag is a wine bottle-shaped bag that has a few interesting features.  First, it has an air valve on the opposite end of the opening.  Near the opening, there’s a buckle and a section that folds over on itself.  To secure your wine, beer or other glass breakable, you slide the bottle or breakable in, inflate it partially and then secure the opening by rolling it up and then secure the buckle.  Once you have that done, you inflate it until it’s nice and solid.  Now your breakables will be safe in your checked luggage.

VinniBag Review

The only possible problem I see with this is if the bag is punctured or the valve comes loose.  The valve is not likely to come loose as it’s very hard to pull out when you need to free your breakables.  However since it’s made from the same kind of material as an air mattress, I would be careful what you pack it next to in your bag.

VinniBag Review

There is also one other problem.  What if you didn’t plan to make a wine or breakable purchase on your trip but ended up doing so.  If you didn’t pack a VinniBag, you would be stuck rolling your breakables in your shirts and other items of clothing.  Play it safe and stick a VinniBag or two in your suitcase and you will be safe.  Oh and if you’re not checking bags like our friends Dan and Larry, then I would suggest mailing your wine as it’s not coming home in your Scottevest! 😀

The Vinnibag is $28.00 for one or $25.00 each when you order two or more direct from VinniBag.  Sounds kind of pricey until you realize that bottle of wine could cost many times that if it’s a great wine.

What I liked: Takes little space in your checked bag until you inflate it.

What needs improvement: Would be nice if it was a little cheaper or if they were available in stores.

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