New Mobile App Transforms Guitar Players into a Rock Prodigy


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New Mobile App Transforms Guitar Players into a Rock Prodigy Listen to this article

New Mobile App Transforms Guitar Players into a Rock Prodigy

I cannot describe how exciting it is to see the advancements for guitar players on IOS devices.  Changes are coming so fast, they are difficult to keep up with.  My good friend Travis has recently picked up the guitar and I am assisting in his learning.  His iPhone is playing a vital role in his guitar education.  Rock Prodigy is one of the newest methods of honing your skills.  Using your actual guitar, the app will even score your playing making each song better knowing what mistakes were made.  I hope to take a good look at the app very soon and have a full review coming.  Here is the release.

New Mobile App Transforms Guitar Players into a Rock Prodigy

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 12, 2011) – All guitar players, from beginner to advanced, can now reach prodigy status with the launch of a new mobile application, Rock Prodigy™, that teaches users how to play a real guitar, any guitar, with the help of an Apple® iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® Touch. Using polyphonic pitch-recognition, Rock Prodigy allows all guitar players to learn, experience and absorb the music from legendary rock guitarists including James Hetfield of Metallica, Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead and Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy.

The app immerses users in original master recordings of popular guitar-centric songs, while simultaneously providing real-time feedback as players strum along with a real guitar. The interactive app also has the ability to auto-pause and uses tab-like performance cues for all four levels of play, which show precise rhythm, timing and note durations with real-time interaction and performance evaluation.
Allowing players to learn on the go, Rock Prodigy requires no additional hardware as guitarists can play directly into their mobile devices using the built-in microphone, a standard headset with microphone or a basic line-in guitar input adapter.
“Rock Prodigy was truly created for musicians by musicians,” said Harold Lee, co-founder of Rock Prodigy and CEO of The Way of H, Inc. “By combining mobile technology, modern apps and a guitarist’s favorite bands, Rock Prodigy offers a solution to the usual hang-ups of learning guitar. Guitar masters can also learn a thing or two.”
Fusing mobile technology with a real guitar, Rock Prodigy is available for free in the iTunes App Store, with premium feature packs starting at $9.99. More information at

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