Review: Card Mystery

GearDiary Review: Card Mystery

Are you a fan of magic tricks?  I’ve always been fascinated by card tricks and while in the back of my mind I know there’s often a reasonable explanation for how most tricks are done there’s still a part of me that’s happier not knowing.

Card Mystery from Sunphonia is a recently released application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will leave you wondering, “hey how’d they do that? ”

The game opens with an erie feel and you’re greeted by the fortune teller who will be performing the trick during the game.

GearDiary Review: Card Mystery

While the game loads a few splash screens appear which serve to question your belief in the power of the magician.

GearDiary Review: Card Mystery

You can bypass the start up screens at any time by pressing the skip button.

GearDiary Review: Card Mystery

The premise of the trick is quite simple.  You’re shown six cards, face up and asked to choose one without touching it.

GearDiary Review: Card Mystery

When you have the card in mind you touch the magician’s hands, not your card.

For the purpose of this game I chose the Jack of Diamonds.

She then taunts you by telling you she already knows your card.

GearDiary Review: Card Mystery

And then the cards are revealed but yours is missing.

GearDiary Review: Card Mystery

You can then play the game again.  I tried it 6 times and it was right every time.

GearDiary Review: Card Mystery

While I’m sure there’s an easy answer for how the trick is done I still enjoyed it and it still left some of my friends and family members scratching their heads.

At $1.99 it does seem a bit pricey to me for only doing one trick and I think it would be a better value priced in the .99 cent category.

Card Mystery is available in the iTunes App Store.

Card Mystery requires iPhone/Ipod Touch software version 2.2.1

M.S.R.P. – $1.99

What I like – keeps you guessing.

What I don’t like – slightly overpriced for only one simple trick.

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