Review: Card Mystery

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Are you a fan of magic tricks?  I’ve always been fascinated by card tricks and while in the back of my mind I know there’s often a reasonable explanation for how most tricks are done there’s still a part of me that’s happier not knowing.

Card Mystery from Sunphonia is a recently released application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will leave you wondering, “hey how’d they do that? ”

The game opens with an erie feel and you’re greeted by the fortune teller who will be performing the trick during the game.


While the game loads a few splash screens appear which serve to question your belief in the power of the magician.


You can bypass the start up screens at any time by pressing the skip button.


The premise of the trick is quite simple.  You’re shown six cards, face up and asked to choose one without touching it.


When you have the card in mind you touch the magician’s hands, not your card.

For the purpose of this game I chose the Jack of Diamonds.

She then taunts you by telling you she already knows your card.


And then the cards are revealed but yours is missing.


You can then play the game again.  I tried it 6 times and it was right every time.


While I’m sure there’s an easy answer for how the trick is done I still enjoyed it and it still left some of my friends and family members scratching their heads.

At $1.99 it does seem a bit pricey to me for only doing one trick and I think it would be a better value priced in the .99 cent category.

Card Mystery is available in the iTunes App Store.

Card Mystery requires iPhone/Ipod Touch software version 2.2.1

M.S.R.P. – $1.99

What I like – keeps you guessing.

What I don’t like – slightly overpriced for only one simple trick.

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