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It was a good number of months ago that the market seemed to suddenly become flooded with various keyboard/cases for the iPad. It really was something to see. One there were none and the next there were tons of from which to choose. Many of my iPad-loving friends and colleagues immediately grabbed one… Or three. I waited. I waited because these cases were running north of $75 and I wanted to lay out my money for one that would not only work well but that I WANTED to carry. I was thrilled to see that Sena, one of my favorite case companies, was going to offer one as well. I was eager to either get one for review or purchase one for myself but the release date was weeks down the line. Weeks turned to months. I was bummed but I figured that if there was a delay it was only because Sena wanted to get things right.


Well the Sena Keyboard Folio is now shipping. The good news is, the Keyboard Folio draws its design from Sena’s amazing Folio. It was one of the first iPad cases I reviewed and remains one of my favorites. The bad news is that at $149.99 the case is quite a bit pricier than many on the market. Then again, quality costs and Sena’s products are the epitome of quality.


The company describes the Keyboard Folio in this way-

The Keyboard Folio is the perfect accessory to add functional fashion to your iPad. This leather portfolio book design is comprised of premium leather providing a soft layer to gently protect your iPad. The integrated Bluetooth keyboard allows you to work and type faster ergonomically. The recessed collapsible back stand is perfect for typing or to watch videos while in case. Offered in classic genuine leather, the Keyboard Folio is perfect for any formal or business setting. The secure flap with snap closure provides a snug fit to your iPad. Its rigid protective layer reinforces additional backbone support for durability. It is individually handcrafted from the finest genuine Napa leather with Sena’s well-known quality and strong attention to detail. The Keyboard Folio offers protective functionality with an integrated keyboard while keeping a sophisticated designer style.

And they note the following attributes-


The Folio:

Hand-crafted from the finest quality full grain, genuine leather, Type faster with integrated keyboard while in case, Leather book style side-folding design, Recessed collapsible back stand, Soft velvet lining with light protective layer, Use iPad while in case, Watch videos while in case, Cutouts for play-thru functionality, Charge/sync port opening, Secure strap with snap closure, Easy device access, Sena craftsmanship and quality


The Keyboard:

Integrated Bluetooth keyboard (V2.0), Approx. 45 hours of use, or 55 hours of standby time, Approx. 3 year lithium battery life, Features function buttons and sound/music control buttons, Ergonomically sound with its low profile and soft buttons, Silicone face is resistant to water and spills, Features charge and connectivity indicators, Complies with FCC regulations and will not cause any interference, Can connect to any Bluetooth enabled computer

More details and ordering can be found here on the Sena Website. A review unit is waiting for me at home, and I look forward to sharing my impressions with you upon my return.

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  1. Dan: Any hope that they will do the same for the Tab? Or is the Android tablet market too diverse for them to do this?

  2. I’ll ask. As you noted, that is one of the issues that emerges with such a wide variety of devices. I don’t know what the threshold number is for companies to start making numerous cases for a single device but I do know that having so many on one platform can be an issue.

    It is why the verizon iPhone being just different enough is confusing.

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