Astrological Signs Hit Their 5,000 Year Recalculation

Astrological Signs Hit Their 5,000 Year Recalculation

I always thought of astrology as a fairly fixed field of “study”. If you were born between certain dates, then you were born under a certain sign. As it turns out, astrology is heavily influenced by astronomy, and therefore as the earth spins the astrological calculations may need adjustments. The upshot: every 5,000 years or so your sign may need changing! I wonder if there’s an astrological version of the oil change sticker; “Every 5,000 years or 35,000,000 earth rotations, please recalculate Astrological chart”

If you’re wondering if you are now under a new constellation, here’s the breakdown:


January 20- to February 16

February 16 to March 11

March 11 to April 18.

April 18 to May 13

May 13 to June 21.

June 21 to July 20

July 20 to August 10

August 10 to September 16

September 16 to October 30

October 30 to November 23

November 23 to November 29

November 29 to December 17

December 17 to January 20

I’m still a Pisces! Too bad I don’t put much stock in astrology, though I do tell people my being a Pisces is why I don’t eat fish (can’t eat my watery brethren!) Poor Sarah is now a Sagittarius. As I pointed out, it could be worse; she could be an Ophiuchus now! Nothing worse than being stuck with the new, untested astrological sign!


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  1. 😆 I am a fish now, too! Glad I didn’t put any stock in this before, because if I had, I’d be mad!

    And what’s up with Scorpio only being 7 days long now. I call Bullsh*t!

  2. Wow – all four of us in my family are now new signs! Again, not that we care, but still …

  3. if you weren't convinced astrology was crap before … =P Astrological Signs Hit Their 5,000 Year Recalculation

  4. @ProfBrianCox you might find this one amusing It's your least favourite version of star gazing 🙂

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