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Speck’s CandyShell cases are among the company’s most popular and protective cases. The CandyShell style is available for a host of different devices including the iPad. The CandyShell does a great job of protecting the device’s back and sides but, because of its design, it does nothing to protect the screen. That change with the recently released CandyShell Wrap.

The CandyShell Wrap has all the tasty goodness of the original CandyShell for iPad PLUS it adds in a removable cover that not only protects the iPad’s screen but also creates a stand that holds the iPad at the perfect angle for typing.

Here’s a look…

IMG 1941

From Speck:

Built with the same two-layer hard-shell, soft-center design as our original CandyShell case for iPad, CandyShell Wrap has a unique flip-close front cover that offers yet another level of shock-absorbent protection with a hard exterior and soft, rubberized lining. The cover also folds back into a stand for your iPad with multiple viewing angles.

IMG 1944


Removable flip-close front cover folds into a viewing and typing stand for iPad

One-of-a-kind hard-shell design with soft rubberized inner lining

Flip-back panel for use with iPad dock and keyboard (not included)

Rubberized interior and button covers offer shock absorption and protection

Dimensions: 0.87″ x 8.39″ x 9.8″

Weight: 14.8 oz

IMG 1942

From the back the CandyShell Wrap looks almost exactly like the original CandyShell case. The only difference is a small strip of added material that can be seen running along the side of the case to the right in the picture.

IMG 1966

From the front you can see that case with the cover on. It folds back thanks to the cover being segmented into three portions. These become important when turning the case into a stand.

IMG 1960

As is the case with the original CandyShell all the ports and button remain fully accessible, although a bit more difficult to access since they are now a bit recessed.

IMG 1959

The bottom is completely protected, but the area surrounding the dock connector is not fully connected to the rest of the case.

IMG 1965

This lets the back panel open so that you can sync and charge the iPad without removing it. This design also lets you dock the iPad in both Apple’s charging dock and keyboard dock. It is a great design if you use either of those accessories.

IMG 1970

The CandyShell Wrap folds back on itself and locks in place.

IMG 1948

This creates a triangle of material that when placed on a flat surface gives you a good angle for typing on the iPad.

IMG 1969

It also creates a SOLID base so the iPad doesn’t shift as you type on it.

IMG 1953

It is great to have a cover on the iPad, but there are times you don’t want or need the extra bulk of weight. That’s no problem since the cover easily slides off the rest of the case.

IMG 1963

Here’s a close look at the design element that allows you to use the case with or without the cover.

In all, Speck’s newest iPad case takes a good case design and makes it even better. With the CandyShell Wrap you can take your iPad and throw it into your gear bag without ever worrying about the screen. In addition, while the cover adds a bit of bulk and weight it also means you don’t need to bring a stand with you. Depending on the size and weight of the stand that well means that the added weight of the CandyShell Wrap is a wash AND you don’t have an additional accessory to remember or risk losing.

I’m impressed by the CandyShell Wrap. It is a great choice for anyone who likes the CandyShell design but wants that extra bit of protection and flexibility. The case can be ordered directly from Speck and is available in DarkLord Black.

MSRP: $59.95

What I Like: Good 360 degree protection; can use a dock without removing the case; screen protection is removable

What Needs Improvement: Adds a bit of weight; controls a bit harder to access due to being recessed; not inexpensive

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  3. FINALLY a case that takes care of the Candyshell’s big issue, beyond the whole ‘doesn’t cover much of the bezel’ thing which bothers me a bit (and which is why I ended up going Otterbox). And unlike the Defender, doesn’t weigh about three quarters of the iPad’s own weight or bulk it up a lot. Not as drop-proof, nor does it cover as many buttons, but… finally.

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