En Route to Mobile World Congress: Swiss Air Gets It!

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There’s nothing like boarding an international flight with the worry of whether or not your battery will die become you are done working, or if you’ll luck out and have a charging port under your seat.

Swiss Air takes a proactive approach and sticks a USB charging port at eye level; its the perfect solution for people traveling with Mobile devices!

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3 Comments on "En Route to Mobile World Congress: Swiss Air Gets It!"

  1. Joel McLaughlin | February 12, 2011 at 9:22 pm |

    Was thinking sll businesses should do this. Think about it. Bowling alleys could put some USB ports near the scoring console.

  2. Great idea – was this in cattle class, or Business? It would be extra-nice to see this filtering down to all passengers.

  3. Singapore Airlines offers not only a USB port, but a US-style 110 volt outlet. And this is in all classes.

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