The Best iPad Commercial

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The Best iPad Commercial Listen to this article

The Best iPad Commercial

Last night I met a lovely woman at a dinner party who demonstrated to me in a simple conversation why the iPad has been so successful. She commented that she was tired from being up past midnight, and someone else asked why she stayed up so late. The woman explained she was reading on her iPad, and playing “Words with Friends” with her daughter in San Diego. She then explained how much she loved reading on her iPad because she could “shop around” at Amazon, Kobo and B&N, plus she could leave the lights off so her husband could sleep.

What amazed me was how everyone else at the table was ready to head out and buy iPads right then and there. Interact with your kids across the country? While reading? And keeping your spouse from waking up? If we hadn’t all had so much wine, there might have been a field trip to the local Apple store!

And that is why the iPad is so successful. Easy enough to use that suddenly it’s midnight and you’re reading a Kindle book while playing “Words with Friends”, and indispensable enough that you convince an entire dinner party they all need one!

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