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February 18, 2011 • Gear Bits

GD Quickie: What in the World is this Crazy Old Man Doing??

IMG00019 20110215 1209

What is this crazy old man in the nightgown doing? Is he-

A. Playing the bongos on his head


B. Pretending to be Carnac the Magnificent


C. Taking his temperature without anything having to actually touch him?

If you said C you are absolutely right.

Thermometers | Exergen Corporation

Elana took her dad to the hospital for a follow-up on some surgery he had a few weeks back and saw this new way of taking temperatures for the first time.

The Exergen Coproration‘s mission is to “Change the way the world takes temperature”.

IMG00018 20110215 1209 jpg

Yup, without even having to touch Mark’s forehead the nurses were able to get an accurate temperature. Sure sure beats the old days when the nurse said “Really, this won’t hurt a bit… Now bend over.”

IMG00020 20110215 1209 2

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