GD Quickie: What in the World is this Crazy Old Man Doing??

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What is this crazy old man in the nightgown doing? Is he-

A. Playing the bongos on his head


B. Pretending to be Carnac the Magnificent


C. Taking his temperature without anything having to actually touch him?

If you said C you are absolutely right.

Thermometers | Exergen Corporation

Elana took her dad to the hospital for a follow-up on some surgery he had a few weeks back and saw this new way of taking temperatures for the first time.

The Exergen Coproration‘s mission is to “Change the way the world takes temperature”.

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Yup, without even having to touch Mark’s forehead the nurses were able to get an accurate temperature. Sure sure beats the old days when the nurse said “Really, this won’t hurt a bit… Now bend over.”

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