Ringtones Maker for iPhone Review


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Ringtones Maker for iPhone Review

Just the other day I was approached by a friend who just replaced all of their family’s flip phones with iPhones. The first question she asked was, “how do my daughters make their songs into ringtones?” This is a common request from people switching to the iPhone so I decided to find a way to do this. I came across Ringtones Maker which happened to be marked down from $19.99 to free. I figured it was worth a look at that price.

Ringtones Maker takes .mp3 or .m4a from your iPhone library and turns them into custom ringtones. Please remember that only non-DRM protected files are able to install and be usable. This will be a short review since the process is simple and straight forward, but I will explain the steps.

Ringtones Maker for iPhone Review

The default screen for the app is shown above. To get started, tap the folder with music notes on the top right. This will show all songs available from the iPod application. Remember, only non-DRM songs can be used and saved as ringtones. Once a song is chosen the song will be represented by the waves in the circle. The area between the two cats holding flags is the portion of the audio that will be saved as the tone. To change this area, slide the cats to the desired area. The play button will allow you to hear the selection to allow the audio to be fine tuned. When the selection is where you want it, tap the folder with the arrow on the bottom right to save.

Ringtones Maker for iPhone Review

Once the audio is saved, an instructions screen will appear. Once you learn the steps, this screen can be disabled. Connect the phone the computer that is used to normally sync and open iTunes. Go to the Apps tab and scroll down to the bottom to File Sharing. Click on the Ringtones Maker application and the created files will appear on the right side. Save the tones to your computer (I just use the desktop). Open the files from the saved location and the audio will open and play in iTunes and will be placed under the ringtones tab. Finally, sync the phone again making sure the new ringtone is chosen to be included. I just keep “All Ringtones” as my default so it will be included everytime. Now the tone is back on the phone and can be added in the audio settings. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

Ringtones Maker for iPhone Review

I successfully made a couple of ringtones quickly and easily using Ringtones Maker. I chose Boom since the word became the slogan for our state championship football run and Highway To Hell starts with one of the coolest guitar riffs ever played. If you have been looking for a simple and quick method of creating true custom ringtones, give the app a try. Since the app is currently free here in the app store, you cannot go wrong.

What I like: Intuitive, simple and quick way to create custom ringtones for my phone.

What could be improved: I still would like to have a way to create a tone without needing to sync or copy to the computer first.

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