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March 1, 2011 • Autos, News

CNN and Cadillac Introduce ‘Cadillac Business Unusual’

Innovation can lead to great things. That is the concept behind a new series from CNN and Cadillac called “Cadillac Business Unusual” that debuted Feb. 28.

Fearlessly individual.?Unfazed by risk.?Relentlessly Optimistic.

Cadillac salutes business visionaries who are using their passion, ingenuity and drive to set new standards of success. Chris Hardwick hosts a road trip across America as he meets entrepreneurs who’ve turned bold dreams into business triumphs.

Cadillac Business Unusual uncovers unique stories of entrepreneurial spirit, and the risk and passion that accompanies them. Host Chris Hardwick ( also writes for Wired Magazine and acts for film and television.

Of course, as a business partner, Cadillac plays a prominent role in the series, with the premier featuring the CTS-V coupe.

You can find the webisodes at, with new shows arriving every two weeks.

Featuring Episode 1
WAGIC: An Idea Factory
Many entrepreneurs talk about innovation. Ron and Ken Johnson have staked their entire business on it. Join Chris as he uncovers the magic behind WAGIC, a company that creates innovative new tools and products that make everyday tasks easier to accomplish.

Upcoming Episodes
Crushpad Wine – March 14
Chris heads to the vineyards of Napa Valley to meet Michael Brill, a technology industry veteran who turned his passion for wine into an innovative custom winemaking business.

SoundHound – March 28
Creating the world’s fastest music recognition app was just the beginning. Join Chris as he finds out how Silicon Valley entrepreneur Keyvan Mohajer is using breakthrough speech and sound recognition technology to revolutionize the way people interact with connected devices.

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