Review- Power Support Sleeve: Designed for the iPad 1, Works Great with the iPad 2!

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Review- Power Support Sleeve: Designed for the iPad 1, Works Great with the iPad 2! Listen to this article


When Judie was in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress she met the folks behind the Apple accessory company Power Support. (Theirs is a great, inspirational story and we look forward to sharing it with you soon.) The company was kind enough to forward a number of their products so that I might take a closer look. Among the items they sent was their Black Sleeve for the iPad 1.

They describe the leather sleeve this way-

Constructed with premium quality leather, this sleeve protects while complimenting the amazing aesthetics of the iPad. The sleeve’s soft inner lining prevents scratching while using this sleek carrying case.

IPhoto 3

The leather used in the sleeve is gorgeous and the finish is excellent.

IPhoto 2

The corners are tight and the construction is surprisingly solid. This is a sleeve that is not coming apart any time soon.


The leather is soft and has just enough texture to make it easy to grip. This is one simple but elegant package.

But there is more.

The inner lining is soft enough to protect the iPad’s screen and silver back from scratching while also helping to clean the screen whenever the iPad is put into it.

The real kicker with regard to Power Support’s sleeve though is that fact that it has an MSRP of just $39.95. To my mind a leather sleeve of this quality is a steal at that price. Too bad it’s designed for the iPad 1. 🙁

Or is it?

IPhoto 5

I grabbed the review sample shortly after I got home with the iPad 2 Thomas brought to the east coast for me. (Thanks Thomas!!)


I slid the iPad 2 into the Power Support Leather Sleeve. It went in with ease and it didn’t feel loose. In fact, I would call it close to a perfect fit.


So here we are with the iPad 2 safe and happy in the Leather Sleeve. Yes, if the lack of back protection when using the SmartCover is a problem for you this Leather Sleeve may be a great option for carrying your iPad 2 with you. No, it won’t fit the iPad AND the Cover but it does offer great protection to your iPad if you need to grab it and take it with you on the go.

The Power support Leather Sleeve is available directly from Power Support.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Beautiful leather; well-made; fits both iPad 1 and iPad 2; great price

What Needs Improvement: This is simplicity at its finest and it needs nothing

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