SCOTTEVEST SeV XAE – 10th Anniversary Edition Leather Jacket Review


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This jacket came as a gift from some friends and I have been dying for it to get a bit warmer so I could start wearing it. It did and I have. So what do I think of the SCOTTEVEST XAE – 10th Anniversary Edition Leather Jacket? Check out this video look to find out.

Safari X-Ray View of the XAE – 10th Anniversary Edition Leather Jacket

Here’s what the SeV site has to say about the XAE – 10th Anniversary Edition Leather Jacket-

Some things get better with age, like great wines and meticulously-maintained classic cars. In honor of SCOTTEVEST’s 10th anniversary, we decided to add another item to that list: the XAE 10th Anniversary Edition Leather Jacket, limited to 400 pieces. It took us months of research to find the right lambskin leather and develop a timeless design, but the result of our effort is impeccable: butter-soft material, refined yet rugged styling, and it is ready to develop the character that high-quality leather jackets earn over time.

The XAE Limited Edition Leather Jacket represents the culmination of a decade of knowledge about how to craft the perfect jacket. The XAE is a masterpiece of SeV engineering, design and materials – quite simply, the best SeV ever made.

Because only 400 of these unique jackets will ever be sold, we were able to incorporate details that could never be included on an open-production piece. From the buttery lambskin leather, to the high-quality YKK zippers and even the Limited Edition certificate, we spared no expense and overlooked no detail. Our decade of success is owed to you, our loyal customers, and we wanted to show our appreciation the best way we know how: by creating another superb product just for you.

With all of the features you know and love from SeV, the XAE Leather Jacket is like a Supermodel with a PhD, equally gorgeous and smart. The SeV TravelSmartSystem™ and 20 total pockets have carrying capacity for a night out on the town, or a trip around the world. The quilted lining gives enough warmth to preclude layering, which helps maintain the clean lines of the jacket. This is your ticket to traveling in style.

Because this is a very limited run and we expect to sell out quickly, there may not be a jacket available if you need to exchange for size… so measure carefully and e-mail us if you have questions. As a pre-order item, it will not ship until early-to-mid December, and if you order it before November 30th we guarantee it will arrive before Christmas. Check this page for date updates, and see the full pre-order info in red at the top right of this page.

The XAE is a limited edition leather jacket from SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing. It is available in Dark Brown Lambskin Leather, and professional cleaning is recommended.

And here’s my video look-

Want more information and pictures? Check out all the details here.

The SCOTTEVEST XAE – 10th Anniversary Edition Leather Jacket is a limited edition item and is available directly from the SeV website.

MSRP: $450

What I Like: Gorgeous leather, great construction, tons of SeV features without looking like it; super comfortable; love the look

What Needs Improvement: Nothing- love it. (Okay, it is pricey but for leather and quality like this I can’t imagine it being much less)

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  2. melvynadam | March 22, 2011 at 4:40 am |

    Looks fantastic. What’s missing from this review is images of it with things in the pockets.

    In the video it seems to be completely empty so it’s hard to tell what it would be like with an iPhone, iPad, digital camera, wallet, water bottle and pens weighing it down.

    Also, what’s with the constant looking over your left shoulder in the first minute?! You look like you’re nervous about being spotted!

    • Actually there was some small stuff in the pockets. I should have thought to pull them out. While you COULD load this up with tons of stuff I’m not sure you would want to. It is pretty “second skin” in its fit as it is so I’m not sure a boatload of stuff would be all that comfortable. But the key is, if you wanted or needed to carry a lot you could.

  3. RT @geardiarysite: Video Review- SCOTTEVEST SeV XAE – 10th Anniversary Edition Leather Jacket

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