iPad 2 Case Review: DODOcase BOOKback for iPad 2


I’m really loving the iPad 2. The reduced thickness combined with the small drop in weight makes a huge difference when carrying and using it. I’m also liking the leather SmartCover I got along with the iPad. It really is remarkable how one little accessory can make such a huge difference in the use-ability of a device. At the same time, however, I don’t like the way Apple’s ingenious cover leaves the back of the iPad exposed. After all, I enjoy using devices that are in pristine condition, not to mention there’s a lower resale value when gadgets show wear.

When I saw that DODOcase had a protective back available for the iPad 2 I jumped on it. Sure it does not cover the entire back of the device, but it looked nice and promised to make me less concerned when I set the iPad down.

It came today so lets take a look.


From Dodocase:

One of the things our customers always tell us about the DODOcase is that it somehow transforms their iPad from an impersonal piece of aluminum to something comfortable, almost familiar. Part of that sensation comes from the soul of the product created with love by craftsman in San Francisco and the other part comes from the great Moroccan fabric we use.

After some convincing by our minimalist friends, we came up with the BOOKback. Same great Moroccan fabric we use on our cases, now combined with a reusable, peel and stick adhesive to create a second skin for your iPad2. If you are looking to accent your iPad2 with a unique new skin, look no further.


The BOOKback is a sheet of material (they refer to it as Moroccan fabric but it sure feels like leather to me) that has a “reusable, peel and stick adhesive” on the back.


Getting the BOOKback on the iPad is simple. You simply remove the backing and carefully lay it down on the iPad.


The first time I did it I neglected to smooth the material down as I moved from one side to the other. The result was a series of bubbles that bugged the daylights out of me.


Fortunately I was able to remove the sheet and apply it again. This time I was more careful. It paid off — the BOOKback went on with almost no bubbles showing through.

It feels great to hold the iPad now and I love knowing that the flat part of the device is protected. I do wish it covered the entire back though.


There is one thing, though … while I like DODOcase’s products (I’m still debating whether or not to spring for their classic case that has been updated for the iPad 2), I do wish the logo was a bit smaller. The logo comes in either black or red.


In all, however, I like the product and love that it can be used with Apple’s covers. It was a good purchase, and until something comes along that does complete protection, I’ll be happy to have this on my iPad. I also love the fact that I can remove it and then use it again!

The DODOcase BOOKback is available here but is currently showing a 2-3 week shipping time.

MSRP: $19.95

What I Like: Easy to use; reusable; protects the majority of the iPad 2’s back.

What Needs Improvement: Doesn’t offer complete coverage of the iPad’s back; logo is a bit large for my taste

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  2. I bought a carbon fiber back from a company named Lucky Labs. It was nothing more than a shiny sticker that covered the back and detracted from the ipad’s appearance. I took it off as soon as I put it on. I guess I wasted $21.

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