Twelve South BookArc for iPad and iPad Mini Video Review

Twelve South BookArc for iPad and iPad mini

Twelve South’s tagline is “We’re not just Mac friendly– we’re Mac only!”. They mean it. Each and every one of their products is designed to work with a specific product or family of products from Cupertino. That, in turn, means that each and every time Apple releases a new product line, you can expect to see new products added to Twelve South’s ever-growing portfolio. Case in point — the iPad mini. The release of the iPad mini meant the company began offering scaled-down versions of their iPad products. That’s why they released the BookBook for iPad mini, and it is why they recently announced a version of the Twelve South BookArc for iPad and iPad mini that works with all generations of the iPad. Here’s a video review of it.

I really like the Twelve South BookArc for iPad and iPad mini, and I love that it now works with all 9.7″ iPads and the iPad mini. That means I can use the stand with whichever iPad I want, and know that I’ll get the same stable base holding it in either landscape or portrait. Here is a look at some of the Twelve South glam shots of the Twelve South BookArc for iPad and iPad mini.

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The Twelve South BookArc for iPad and iPad mini is made from quality materials and is solid as a rock (or, in this case, aluminum). It holds the iPad securely in either landscape or portrait. The rubber insert helps guarantee the iPad won’t get scratched, and the Twelve South BookArc for iPad and iPad mini holds the iPad just high enough to make it easy to read or view. The only real downside with the Twelve South BookArc for iPad and iPad mini is the fact that it is a stand for viewing or using in conjunction with a Bluetooth keyboard. It is not a multi-angle stand that offers a wide range of viewing angles, nor is it a stand that is designed to help you type on the screen. If your needs run in these areas, then you won’t be happy with the stand. If, like me, you use a case that doubles as a typing stand, then you’ll find the Twelve South BookArc for iPad and iPad mini to be to your liking. And thanks to its construction, I can all but guarantee you will still be using it when the iPad 10 is released! You can learn more and order yours here on the Twelve South website.

MSRP: $29.95

What I Like: Good looking, solid, Inserts let you use any and all generation of iPad; Holds the iPad in landscape or portrait; Great if you are using your iPad as a secondary screen for your computer

What Needs Improvement: Viewing angle isn’t adjustable; Not for typing on the screen

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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